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Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 14 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 14 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 14 May, 2023

Second FT At 2023 Triton Poker SHRS North Cyprus For Santhosh Suvarna

After winning his first-ever live poker title at the $25K GGPoker Super Millions Event two days back, India’s Santhosh Suvarna has made it to another FT at the ongoing 2023 Triton Poker SHRS North Cyprus series.

The final table consists of nine players with Justin Bonomo in the lead with 5,480,000 chips at his disposal. Suvarna has the fifth-highest stack of 2,165,000 chips going into the FT. 

Bad Beat For Suvarna

12:51 AM IST

Santhosh Suvarna lost a considerable amount of chips after suffering a bad beat on the river. His Fishhooks were caught off-guard by Robert Heidom’s AT on the KQ6QK board. Suvarna now is the lowest stacked on the table with 2,750,000 (11 BB) and is in dire need of a double-up. 

  • Suvarna: JJ
  • Heidom: AT
  • Board: KQ6QK

Santhosh Suvarna Among The Top 4

12:45 AM IST

The field at Event #5 $40,000 NLH has condensed down to the top four players. India’s Santhosh Suvarna has made it among the top four players with the third-highest stack of 5,150,000 (26 BB).  Gregoire Auzoux leads with 45 BB, followed by Justin Bonomo with 40 BB. The fourth player in contention is Robert Heidom with 15 BB.

Santhosh Suvarna Ships Triton Poker SHRS Cyprus $25K NLH GG Super Millions Event

Santhosh Suvarna On The FT

9:40 PM IST

Final Table Chip Counts:

  1. Justin Bonomo – 5,480,000
  2. Tom Dwan – 4,785,000
  3. Artem Vezhenkov – 4,750,000
  4. Robert Heidorn – 3,260,000
  5. Santhosh Suvarna – 2,165,000
  6. Daniel Dvoress – 1,770,000
  7. Gregoire Auzoux – 1,205,000
  8. Florencio IV Campomanes – 1,065,000
  9. Samuel Ju – 550,000

For all the latest updates from his run, stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine.

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