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Rob Mercer LIED About Cancer Diagnosis To Play In WSOP? Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 21 Sep, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 21 Sep, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 21 Sep, 2023

Rob Mercer LIED About Cancer Diagnosis To Play In WSOP?

Rob Mercer has allegedly conned the poker community and others with his false Cancer diagnosis. He reportedly pocketed thousands of dollars in donations after lying about his Cancer diagnosis. 

Mercer had recently raised $30K from the poker community by expressing his wish to play in the World Series of Poker(WSOP) World Championship, which boasts a $10K buy-in via a GoFundMe campaign. Cody Daniels, who is terminally ill, received a text message which was later made public that stated how Mercer had not been officially diagnosed with any form of Cancer by a doctor.

Rob Mercer Exposed By The Poker Community 

‘SnoopDoug’ alongside Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci were two key people who played a crucial role in helping Mercer’s dream come true. However, both have now claimed to be duped by Mercer.

Speaking on his YouTube podcast, Vertucci shared details about this alleged scam while ‘SnoopDoug’ appeared on the PokerFlops channel. Sharing his thoughts on PokerFlops, ‘SnoopDoug’ shared how he should have vetted Mercer in the past while adding that the fake diagnosis was something he hadn’t dealt with earlier. ‘SnoopDoug’ also stated how it feels weird to ask for proof to someone who is dying. 

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Poker Twitter Spaces host ‘SnoopDoug’ also spoke about the apparent scam on a show named ‘The Alternative Space.’ Soon after that, the poker player who claimed to suffer from Colon Cancer (Stage 4) went on to delete his account and was also unresponsive to text messages as well.

Later, ‘SnoopDoug’ shared a post on social media which spoke about the damaging confession to the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ). It consisted of Mercer telling LVRJ about his situation via a phone conversation. 

As per news reports, Rob Mercer admitted in a lengthy text message that he had never been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Instead, he claimed to suffer from ‘male breast cancer’ and was ashamed to admit it publicly. Later, Daniels shared this text message with ‘SnoopDoug’, who made it public information by posting about it on X (formerly known as Twitter).


According to the message, Mercer doesn’t actually know what he’s suffering from. He wrote, “I most likely have male breast cancer.” He also said how he ‘never wanted to set foot in a doctor’s room again,” stating how he remains afraid of being told by a doctor that he was dying.

After knowing the true nature of Rob Mercer, it remains interesting to see how the industry acts if the poker pro is back on a poker table once again!


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