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PSL Season 5 Auctions Live Updates Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 08 Jul, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Jul, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Jul, 2023

PSL Season 5 Auctions Live Updates

Pocket52’s Poker Sports League (PSL) Season 5 auction is all set to take place today. A total of 34 players who have made it past the qualifiers and three women pros will be auctioned. Six franchise teams will bid for these players in a formal auction ceremony. The qualifiers for PSL Season 5 took place between the 4th May to 25th June 2023 on Pocket52, PSL’s official platform partner. 

Auction Ended!

The PSL 5 Auction has officially ended. To know the complete details about the teams, click below:

Presenting Pocket52 Poker Sports League 5 Teams!

Qualifiers Left

  • Anand Mandloi
  • Rahul Gahlot
  • Sachin Barha
  • Nikaas Masani
  • Ram Ratan Jangid
  • Vikash Masani
  • Koushik Ghosh

Remaining Budget

Here’s the remaining purses of the teams along with the remaining slots:

  1. Deccan Aces – ₹4.4 Lakh (3 slots)
  2. Delhi Czars – ₹4.45 Lakh (2 slots)
  3. Goan Nuts – ₹1.25 Lakh (2 slots)
  4. Gujarat Falcons – ₹3.05 Lakh (2 slots)
  5. Lucknow Kings – ₹10.30 Lakh (6 slots)
  6. Mumbai Anchors – ₹7.15 Lakh (4 slots)

Akshay Kapoor Goes For ₹4.5 Lakh 

Akshay Kapoor went on to surpass Saransh Garg’s record. Gujarat Falcons purchased Kapoor for a whopping ₹4.5 Lakh.

Saransh Garg Sold For ₹4.4 Lakh

Pro player Saransh Garg created history by becoming the highest-selling qualifier in PSL after Shardul Parthasarthi-led Delhi Czars roped him in for ₹4.4 Lakh.

Remaining Budget After Pro Draft

  1. Deccan Aces – ₹11,10,000
  2. Delhi Czars – ₹11,05,000
  3. Goan Nuts – ₹8,75,000 
  4. Gujarat Falcons – ₹10,85,000
  5. Lucknow Kings – ₹11,30,000
  6. Mumbai Anchors – ₹12,54,000

Unsold Pros

  1. Himanshu Arora
  2. Abhishek Goindi
  3. Sreekanth Narayan
  4. Aayush Arya
  5. Jasven Saigal

Aditya Sushant Is The Last Pro To Be Acquired By Goan Nuts

WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant was purchased by Dhaval Mudgal-led Goan Nuts for their base price of ₹2,00,000.

Arjanveer Singh Chadha And Nishant Sharma Sold At Base Price

Arjanveer Singh Chadha was taken in by Deccan Aces, while Nishant Sharma was roped in by Delhi Czars. Both the players were sold at their base price of ₹2,00,000.

Zarvan Tumboli To Play or Gujarat Falcons

Seems like skipper Romit Advani was desperate to have Tumboli in his team, as he enthusiastically raised his bid for the pro and purchased him for ₹2,50,000.

Siddhanth Kripalani Bought By Lucknow Kings

Siddhanth Kripalani was sold to Lucknow Kings for ₹2,60,000

Kanishka Samant Sold To Gujrat Falcons

Kanishka Samant sold to Gujarat Falcons for ₹2,60,000.

Sahil Mahboobani Delhi Czars

Sahil Mahboobani started with a base bid of ₹2,00,000 was sold for ₹2,90,000 to Delhi Czars.

Paawan Bansal To Play For Lucknow Kings

Paawan Bansal was bought by Lucknow Kings for ₹3,10,000.

Ankit Wadhawan Roped In By Mumbai Anchors

The Mumbai Anchors have taken Ankit Wadhawan into their franchise for PSL 5.

Ashish Ahuja Acquired By Goan Nuts

Ashish Ahuja’s bid started with ₹2,50,000, has been sold to Goan Nuts for ₹3,50,000.

PSL Season 5 Team Remaining Slots

  1. Deccan Aces – 7 slots (one pro, six qualifiers)
  2. Delhi Czars – 8 slots (two pros, six qualifiers)
  3. Goan Nuts – 8 slots (two  pros, one female pro, five qualifiers)
  4. Gujarat Falcons – 10 slots (two pros, six qualifiers)
  5. Lucknow Kings – 9 slots (two  pros, one female pro, six qualifiers)
  6. Mumbai Anchors – 7 slots (one pro, one female pro, five qualifiers)

PSL Season 5 Auction Kicks-Off!

Pocket52’s Poker Sports League (PSL) Season 5 Auction has kicked off at the Novotel Resort and Spa, Candolim. We will soon be updating the budgets and remaining slots of the six teams, so stay tuned!









PSL Season 5 Auction List

PSL Season 5 Auction: All You Need To Know


The Pocket52 PSL Season 5 Auction ceremony will take place on Saturday, 8th July 2023, at 4 PM. The following six PSL teams will participate in the auction and the upcoming season PSL:

  1. Deccan Aces
  2. Delhi Czars
  3. Goan Nuts
  4. Gujarat Falcons
  5. Lucknow Kings
  6. Mumbai Anchors


Poker Sports League is India’s first and only franchise-based poker league.  The idea behind PSL is to give the game of poker the status of a splort through a unique, team-based format. PSL gives players an equal opportunity platform where anybody who has the passion to play poker can participate and start a successful poker career. PSL is completely free to enter, where you have a chance to win from big prize pools along with claiming name and fame on a national level.

The auction will be led by Prajit Gambhir, a poker player and a part of the Mind Sports League (MSL) team. We will be covering all the live updates from the PSL 5 auction live on this page! So stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine. 

For more news and updates, keep reading Gutshot Magazine or follow us on our social media handles. We are present on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

Pocket52's Pocket Poker Championship Returns With ₹3.5 Crore GTD! 

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