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PokerHigh’s Deposit Codes Give You Instant Bonus And More Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 15 Jul, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Jul, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 15 Jul, 2022

PokerHigh’s Deposit Codes Give You Instant Bonus And More

Hey there poker people! We have some exciting news for you. You must have heard of many deposit code offers which offer many benefits. But did you check what PokerHigh is offering with its amazing deposit code deal? Many of you look for instant bonuses, game bonuses and some more. What if we told you that PokerHigh is offering an instant bonus plus a game bonus at the same time? Brilliant right?

PokerHigh deposit code offer

PokerHigh’s deposit offer lets you earn upto 1K in instant bonus and 1K in game bonus with code GSJL. Basically 20% of the deposit amount is what you get. For example, if you deposit ₹1,000 using code GSJL you will get ₹100 in instant bonus and ₹100 as game bonus. Total you have ₹200 worth bonus in hand. The minimum deposit amount stands at ₹100.

Why deposit on PokerHigh

This deposit offer is exclusively for Gutshot players on PokerHigh. So, if you aren’t a Gutshot player on PokerHigh, we suggest you sign up quickly. Remember players who did not sign up via Gutshot do not have access to this deposit offer.

Why sign up via Gutshot

As a Gutshot player on PokerHigh, you will be bombarded with some of the best offers in town. Not just deposit codes, you will be eligible for some amazing bonuses, exclusive tournaments, freerolls and a lot more.

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What’s more?

There is a lot happening on PokerHigh other than poker promotions. The online poker site is also offering some marquee tournaments on its platform. PokerHigh’s Weekly Signature tourneys are among the best that players can get their hands on.

Is that all? No wait. There are Weekly High Rollers as well. If you have deep pockets, then check out PokerHigh’s high rollers which are scheduled from Monday to Friday and on Sunday.

Folks, what are you waiting for? Head straight to PokerHigh and sign up. But remember to register via Gutshot. While signing up remember to use code PHGUTSHOT to get ₹100 as welcome bonus.

Note: If players need more information about Gutshot’s exclusive deposit offer, they can reach out to PokerHigh on 9136065353/ 9136550995.


PokerHigh’s Deposit Codes Give You Instant Bonus And More

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