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WPT Prime India 2023 Ship It Live Updates

Gokul Raj Ships It

Level 15, Blinds: 3K/5K, Ante 5K

The heads up clash between Gokul Raj and Rahul Singroha went on for a while. The tournament, which had a unique format, was finally shipped by live and online poker veteran Gokul Raj. Keep reading further to know how the Baller’s winner made sure he grabs the Ship It title at the WPT Prime India 2023. 

Raj had Q8s and his rival sat with A ♣ K  . Preflop saw both players all-in. The board 2 9 3  2 ♠ Q ♠ which gave Raj two pairs (QQ, 22). For Singroha, he settled in the second spot for a payday of ₹2,80,000 while the top spot winner Raj grabs a pay cheque of ₹4,25,000.

  • Raj: Q 8
  • Singroha: A ♣ K 
  • Board: 2 9 3  2 ♠ Q ♠

Ship It NLH Payouts: 

  • Gokul Raj – 1st – ₹4,25,000
  • Rahul Singroha – 2nd – ₹2,80,000
  • Kunal Patni – 3rd – ₹1,85,000
  • Shravan Kumar Singh – 4th – ₹1,30,000
  •  Sumanth Kumar – 5th – ₹95,000
  • Siva Tati – 6th – ₹70,000
  • Romit Advani – 7th – ₹55,000
  • Manoj Pentakota – 8th – ₹45,000
  • Goonjan Mall – 9th – ₹40,000
  • Amarendra Sahoo – 10th – ₹40,000

Kunal Patni Takes The Third Spot

Kunal Patni has concluded his run in the Ship It event taking the third spot. He was busted by Gokul Raj. Patni held A7, while Raj sat with AK. The board of 4 ♣ 8  Q  Q ♣ 5  brought no relief to Patni and he gracefully walked away at the third spot. He takes home ₹1,85,000 for this second runner-up finish. 

Patni’s run at the event was noteworthy since he was on sit-out from the FT for a good time initially. He was playing Day 1C flight of the Main Event, due to which he wasn’t playing the FT. After his bustout from the Main Event flight, he started playing the Ship It FT. GG, Patni!

  • Patni: A ♠ 7 
  • Raj: A  K ♣
  • Board: 4 ♣ 8  Q  Q ♣ 5 

Romit Bids Adieu To Ship It

LEVEL 7, BLINDS 400/800, ANTE 800

Romit Advani (K  Q  ) and Sarvan (7 ♠ 4 ♠) locked horns in a hand and that led to an elimination. Preflop round played out like a silent film and action unfolded on the flop which read K ♠ J ♠ 3  . Advani went all-in and his rival called. The turn and river presented Q ♠ 6 ♠. These two cards led to Sarvan hitting a flush which drowned Advani’s hope of sailing safely in the final table battle of the WPT Prime India 2023 Ship It event. Advani finished 6th for ₹70,000

  • Advani: K  Q 
  • Sarvan: 7 ♠ 4 ♠
  • Board: K ♠ J ♠ 3  Q ♠ 6 ♠

Siva Tati Eliminated

Siva Tati has been eliminated from the final table of WPT Prime India 2023 Ship It NLH event. He with his A ♦ 6  fell against Sumant Kumar‘s AJ on the 4 4 ♣ 2 ♠ 7 9 ♣ board. 

  • Tati: A
  • Kumar: A J ♣
  • Board: 4 4 ♣ 2 ♠ 7 9 ♣

Final Table Of Ship It NLH Is Set

The final table of the WPT Prime India 2023 Ship It NLH is all set with the top nine players seated. Among these nine is former Adda52 Game Ambassador who has made it to the FT without playing a single hand yet. Patni is still running deep in Day 1C flight of the Main Event, which is happening simultaneously. He will be on sit-out at the Ship It event. He was on sit-out when the players played down to the top nine out of the 10 qualifiers

Round 2 Of Ship It NLH Begins

Round 2 of the event has begun with the final 10 players. They will now battle it out in two tables of five each till one of the players is eliminated. The remaining nine will then move on to the FT.

The 10 players who have qualified are:

  • Amrendra Sahoo 
  • Gokul Raj
  • Manoj Pentakota
  • Siva Tati
  • Sumanth Kumar
  • Romit Advani
  • Goonjan Mall
  • Kunal Patni
  • Rahul Singroha
  • Shravan Kumar Singh

Ship It NLH Payouts Announced!

LEVEL 2, BLINDS 100/200, ANTE 200

Round 2 of the Ship IT NLH event at the WPT Prime India 2023 has just begun. The game continues with players seated on two tables of five players each. Once a player busts from either of the two tables, the remaining players will go to the final table. With an exciting format in place, the Ship IT NLH event sure added a lot of fun to the day. 

Ship It NLH Payouts: 

  • 1st – ₹4,25,000
  • 2nd – ₹2,80,000
  • 3rd – ₹1,85,000
  • 4th – ₹1,30,000
  • 5th – ₹95,000
  • 6th – ₹70,000
  • 7th – ₹55,000
  • 8th – ₹45,000
  • 9th – ₹40,000
  • 10th – ₹40,000

Notable Players Make It To The Final Table

We are yet to receive the complete update on the 10 final tablists. However, the noise and action on the casino floor while the event was being played tells us that notable pros like Gokul Raj, Kunal Patni among others have made it to the FT of the Ship It event.

Registrations Have Ended! 100 Entries Register

The registrations have ended. The event has finally recorded 100 entries after the registration period was extended by a few minutes to touch the 100-entry mark. The 100 entries played on ten 10-handed tables giving 10 winners from Round 1. Round 2 of the event will now commence at 8 PM with the 10 players battling it out on a 10-handed final table.

83 Entries Register For Ship It NLH

The Ship It event has received 83 entries close to the end of the late registration period. The Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has announced that the event will close at 100 entries. The registrations will stay open till 100 registration reach the 100-entry mark. Post that Round 2 will be played as a 10-handed final table. 

It’s An Excited And Noisy Field

The unique Ship It NLH event at the WPT Prime India 2023 has got the players excited and on their toes. Players are seen flocking around the table in large numbers cheering and railing for each other. Several notable players like Kunal Patni, Shuchi Chamaria, Muskan Sethi, Gokul Raj, and Ujjwal Narwal among others were also seen playing this event. 

What Is Ship It NLH Event AT WPT Prime India 2023?

The WPT Prime India 2023 season is turning out to be a total chartbuster. It has created history by registering the most number of entries at the Main Event. Another interesting and fascinating event on the schedule is all set to begin. This is Event #6 Ship It NLH which is all set to begin at 6 PM on 15th April 2023. 

Why do we call it fascinating? Because it has one of a kind format. The Ship It event has two rounds. In the first round, every player registering for the event will pay a buy-in of ₹15,000 and get a starting stack of 1,200. All players on the table are forced all-in preflop in round 1. The dealer then opens the board and the player who wins proceeds to Round 2 and secures a place in the money. The rest of the players are eliminated. 

In case two or more players have the same hand and split the pot, these players will continue playing in the same format until there is only one winner. Multiple tables take place in the same format and the winner from each of these tables then proceeds to Round 2. Round 1 will have 10-handed tables, while Round 2 will have 9-handed tables.

Round 2 is played in the normal NLH format, wherein every player will get a starting stack of 15,000 chips. They will be seated at the tables and will have to battle it out to win the top spot. 

Place Winner Name Prize
1st Place Gokul Raj ₹4,25,000
2nd Place Rahul Singroha ₹2,80,000
3rd Place Kunal Patni ₹1,85,000
4th Place Shravan Kumar Singh ₹1,30,000
5th Place Sumanth Kumar ₹95,000
6th place Siva Tati ₹70,000
7th Place Romit Advani ₹55,000
8th Place Manoj Pentakota ₹45,000
9th Place Goonjan Mall ₹40,000
10th Place Amarendra Sahoo ₹40,000

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