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WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event Freezeout Live Updates

WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event Day 2 Resumes

Day 2 of the Mini Main Event has begun with the top 19 players taking their seats. Among the top 19 are some well-known names from the circuit like Siddhanth Kapoor, Siddharth Mishra, Dhinesh Kumar, Dhaval Mudgal and others. The Day resumes at Level 19 today.

Day 1 Ends! 19 Players Bag And Tag

Day 1 of the Mini Main Event Freezeout event had come to an end with the top 19 players proceeding to Day 2, which will resume tomorrow at 1 PM. We are yet to receive the list of the final 19 with their chip counts. Stay tuned and keep an eye on this space for the complete details. 

Last Four Hands Of The Day

The players are playing the last four hands of the day. Post which the play will be paused and the remaining players will return for Day 2. The notables in the field include Siddharth Mishra, Siddhanth Kapoor, Dhinesh Kumar, Ankit Takle, J Raju and Dhaval Mudgal. 

On The Bubble…

The Tournament Director Danny McDonagh announced that hand for hand is going on, and very soon, all of the remaining 27 players will be in the money. Remember, these players will receive a minimum cash of ₹61,000, while everyone will have their eyes on the top prize of ₹13.43 Lakh. 

A Royal Flush Graces The Felts Of WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event

WPT Prime India 2023 season is getting more and more intense and interesting. One of the rare occurrences in poker has just taken place at the Mini Main Event Freezeoutt. A ROYAL FLUSH showed up at one of the tables at the event. It was an unfortunate day for Yash who shoved all-in from the big blind with approximately 55.5K chips. Vipul Mittal called from the button to reveal a K  J  . Yash flipped 7 ♣ 8 ♣. 

The board of 6 ♠ Q  A  T  4 ♣ gave Mittal the dream royal flush. 

  • Mittal: K  J 
  • Yash: 7 ♣ 8 ♣
  • Board: 6 ♠ Q  A  T  4 ♣

Getting busted in poker is common, but how often do you get busted by a royal flush?!

Amit Knocks Radhika Out Of Mini Main


Online and live poker reg Amit Kaushik (A  K ) raised to 11.5K from the button position while Radhika Shankar (K ♠ 9 ♠) went all-in with approximately 45K and her rival made the call. The community cards fell: A ♣ 3 ♠ 7  J ♠ 5 . Kaushik paired his ace on the board while Shankar’s journey came to an end in the Mini Main event.

  • Shankar: K ♠ 9 ♠
  • Kaushik: A  K
  • Board: A ♣ 3 ♠ 7  J ♠ 5

Triton Poker Player Santhosh Suvarna In The House

Indian-origin player who is often seen at some of the most elite poker series across the globe has entered the casino floor. We can likely expect him to play the High Roller today or tomorrow. 

He was most recently seen grinding at the Triton Poker Vietnam 2023 series, wherein he was the only Indian grinding. He even made it to the FT and finished seventh at an event.

Payouts Announced

The final prize pool and the payouts for Mini Main Event Freezeout event have been announced. The top 27 places will be paid a portion of the ₹58,96,800 prize pool. 

WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event 2023 Payouts:

1st: ₹13,43,800
2nd: ₹8,95,000
3rd: ₹6,55,000
4th: ₹4,80,000
5th: ₹3,60,000
6th: ₹2,70,000
7th: ₹2,10,000
8th: ₹1,60,700
9th-10th: ₹1,30,000
11th-12th: ₹1,06,000
13th-14th: ₹90,000
15th-16th: ₹78,000
17th-20th: ₹69,000
21st-24th: ₹64,000
25th-27nd: ₹61,000

End Of Registrations!

The late registrations have ended at the WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event Freezeout. The event welcomed a total of 216 entries, out of which 153 of them are currently battling it out. The registrations ended at the start of Level 7. Several top pros like Zarvan Tumboli, Shuchi Chamaria, Gaurav Gupta, Mithun Mahesh and others.

According to the structure of the event, the top 12.5% of the players will be paid, which means 27 players will make it in the money. The final prize pool and payouts are awaited so stay tuned. 

Zarvan Tumboli Exits The Mini Main Event

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli exited the Mini Main Event and headed to play some cash games at the venue, before heading to play the High Roller. He shared the update on his Instagram stories, wherein he shared a video of Vaibhav Sharma, Kunal Patni and Goonjan Mall playing alongside him on the cash table. 

Notables Pros Enter The Event

Several notables have entered the field after the first break. Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli who busted from Main Event Day 2, quickly registered for the Mini Main Freezeout event. We also saw other notables like WPT Prime India 2023 SuperStack NLH winner Mithun Mahesh, PokerBaazi ambassador Muskan Sethi, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, and Shuchi Chamaria enter the event. 

Kabir Eliminates Harsh From Mini Main

LEVEL 5, BLINDS 300/600, ANTE 600

Harsh opens 4K preflop and was matched by Kabir Tandon. Flop (T ♣ J  6 ) sees Tandon go all-in with 22.9K from the cutoff position and his rival makes the call. The turn and river bring 2 ♠ 5 ♣.

Harsh who is sitting with J ♠ Q ♠ could only pair his Jack on the board while his opponent had aces which were good enough to get the job done.

  • Tandon: A ♣ A
  • Harsh: J ♠ Q ♠
  • Board: T ♣ J  6 2 ♠ 5 ♣

Vipul Mittal Leading At First Break

LEVEL: 3, BLINDS: 300/500, ANTE 500

The players have headed out for the first break of the day, and Vipul Mittal is leading the field with the highest stack of 77,700 chips. The event currently boasts of 165 at the end of Level 3. 

64 Players Enter The Field

The exciting Mini Main Freezeout event has received around 64 entries in just 39 minutes of starting. The event kick-started at 2 PM, and by 2:39 PM we have 64 registrations playing on more than 6 tables.

Several players marched straight to the registration desk after busting out of the Main Event Day 2. Mini Main Event Freezeout currently has some notable faces like Paawan Bansal, Vaibhav Sharma, Gaurav Gupta, Milena Mezhuieva, Harsh Dev Jhirmiria, and others.

Mini Main Event Freezeout Is All Set!

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event Freezeout is all set to begin in a few minutes, here aboard the luxurious Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. This will be a two-day event with Day 1 happening on 16th April 2023 at 2 PM, followed by Day 2 on 17th April 2023 at 1 PM.

The event has a buy-in of 3,000, for which the players get a equal number of starting stack. The starting blinds will be 200/400 on Level 1. The registration will end before end of Level 7 on Day 1. Every level will last for 30 minutes each on Day 1, which will play till the end of Level 18. Day 2 will resume from Level 19, with each level lasting for 40 minutes each.

With several pros out of the Main Event race, we can expect them to grind at this Mini Main Event. Check out the players who have made it to Day 2 of the Main Event.

For more news and the latest updates from WPT India 2023 Main Event, keep reading Gutshot Magazine. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.


Place Winner Name Prize
1st Place NITESH BALIYAN ₹13,43,800
2nd Place ₹8,95,000
3rd Place ₹6,55,000
4th Place ₹4,80,000
5th Place ₹3,60,000
6th Place ₹2,70,000
7th Place ₹2,10,000
8th Place ₹1,60,700
9th Place ₹1,30,000
10th Place ₹1,30,000
11th Place ₹1,06,000
12th Place ₹1,06,000
13th Place ₹90,000
14th Place ₹90,000
15th Place ₹78,000
16th Place ₹78,000
17th Place ₹69,000
18th Place ₹69,000
19th Place ₹69,000
20th Place ₹69,000
21st Place Rahul Singroha ₹69,000
22nd Place Varunn Gaala ₹64,000
23rd Place Shivam Khanna ₹64,000
24th Place Rahil Panjwani ₹64,000
25th Place Vipul Mittal ₹64,000
26th Place Shravan Kumar Singh ₹61,000
27th Place Rajasekhar Puttamsetty ₹61,000

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