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WPT Mini Main Event Freezeout
Posted on 16 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 16 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 16 Apr, 2023

A Royal Flush Graces The Felts Of WPT Prime India 2023 Mini Main Event

WPT Prime India 2023 season is getting more and more intense and interesting. One of the rare occurrences in poker has just taken place at the Mini Main Event Freezeoutt. A ROYAL FLUSH showed up at one of the tables at the event. It was an unfortunate day for Yash who shoved all-in from the big blind with approximately 55.5K chips. Vipul Mittal called from the button to reveal a K  J  . Yash flipped 7 ♣ 8 ♣. 

The board of 6 ♠ Q  A  T  4 ♣ gave Mittal the dream royal flush. 

  • Mittal: K  J 
  • Yash: 7 ♣ 8 ♣
  • Board: 6 ♠ Q  A  T  4 ♣

Getting busted in poker is common, but how often do you get busted by a royal flush?!


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