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Poker tips: How to conquer tournaments Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 06 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 06 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 06 Dec, 2019

Poker tips: How to conquer tournaments

In recent times, poker has been growing rapidly on both online as well as live fronts. These competitions come in with fixed buy-ins with a jaw-dropping guarantee and the players bag a decent amount for their hard-earned efforts. In order to implement a successful poker strategy, all you need is to understand the poker tournament.

A beginner, that is a low/mid stakes player can always kick start his/her career by playing online. Now, there are various leading platforms in the country for you to venture out to and play online and live poker tournaments. FTR poker is noe such platform which brings to you an opportunity to play on virtual felts, with freerolls as well as some jaw-dropping guarantee tournaments.

To excel in a poker tournament, one needs to strategize and acquire a basic understanding of the game. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Learn: Understand the first step you want to take. Learning Texas Hold’em poker rules can be quite easy. One should spend time understanding the poker hands. After clearly placing this, read all you can before starting any tournament. Poker is all about the hands you play, and this will further determine your game.
  2. Start small: Before jumping into any poker tournament, start with low stakes. This step would ensure that you do not lose much, and that will benefit you to learn the game and increase your poker skills. It will facilitate to get an entire picture of the game at once, after which one can start strengthening their poker bankroll playing higher stakes.
  3. Do not bluff: Before bluffing and ending up making a wrong decision, it is important to check the stack size of the opponent to ensure that your bluff does not get called. When you move up stakes and play bigger tournaments, this will not be an option as the contenders play aggressively.
  4. Learn to fold: When your opponent starts playing aggressively and keep raising, one should consider folding. Most of the time a top pair or an overpair should go into a muck.
  5. Heads-up: Now that you know the fundamentals, learn to play heads-up. This last strategy would actually help you win the competition.

Poker in India is fast-growing, especially in the online arena. Real money poker can help you win enormous amounts only with these poker tips and strategies. Among the leading platforms in India, FTR poker occasionally comes up with different and innovative events, attracting several pros of the country. The platform allows individuals boost their bankrolls.

For more poker news and updates, as well as updates from the gaming industry around the world, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com and stay tuned!

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