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Posted on 05 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 05 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 05 Nov, 2018

Poker Tips for Playing against a LAG Maniac

In Texas Hold’em, a loose-aggressive player (LAG) plays the greater part of his hands pre-flop, and regularly raises. Some such players are likewise called “neurotics.” They play their hands greatly forcefully, raising and re-raising maybe as much as one out of three hands managed – or considerably more regularly.

Extremely Aggressive

How about we take a run of the mill case: You are playing $4-$8 restrict Hold’em at your most loved neighbourhood club. As yet in time, you have been standing your ground, and are somewhat ahead. Another player joins your table. You have at no other time played against him; you don’t have a clue about his playing attributes. So you watch him intently.

He begins seeing the flop six submits a line, and he raised pre-flop on four of those. In your brain, you have named him a LAG, and a “maniac” to boot. Two of those raised hands he won with no test, as his rivals messed their opening cards. Concerning the other two that went to a standoff, on one event he had been managed to take Queens; the other hand, he hurled into the waste when his rival (carrying on of turn) turned up an average hand. “Maniac” presumably was feigning on the greater part of those hands.

Shockingly, he is situated two seats to one side. In this manner, more often than not, you need to act before he announces. That places you in a troublesome position. The majority of your playable hands aren’t sufficiently solid to warrant a speculation of a double wager to see the flop when he raises after you limp. (Coincidentally, one approach to detecting a Poker Pigeon – i.e., an exceptionally untalented player – is the point at which a player requests an empty seat just to one side of a “crazy person.” Call that the “dead man’s seat.”)

Obviously, you might want to change your seat with the goal that you are to his prompt left, or as near that as could be expected under the circumstances. At the point when such a seat winds up accessible, squander no time in declaring your seat change to the merchant. (Try not to give another sharp player a chance to get the best of you.)

From that point, you’ll know how he wagers before contributing any of your valuable chips. When he raises, you can without much of a stretch overlap unremarkable hands; they are not worth a two-bet. What’s more, on the off chance that you have been managed a solid hand, you can re-raise (a 3-bet) to thin the playing field, as the entirety of your different adversaries fold their hands. In a perfect world, all things considered, it is awesome to play heads-up against the “Maniacs” while you feel relatively sure that you hold the best hand – and, thus, you are a major most loved to take the pot. All things considered, you would misuse the “maniac’s” playing attributes.

Here are some more Poker Tips on Raising and Re-raising

Two “Maniacs” in the Game

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where a second “Maniacs” joins your amusement. That happens once in a while, exhibiting a significantly more concerning issue. On the off chance that you are situated between them, you are in the most noticeably bad conceivable position.

Then again, on the off chance that they happened to be situated beside each other, at that point the past methodology could work for you: When accessible, move your seat to their quick left. Otherwise, it’s an ideal opportunity to take a long break (eat or go for a stroll in the natural air to stimulate yourself and consider the circumstance); or, even better, ask for a table change.

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