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Poker Dictionary - Ducks Poker-Dictionary
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 22 May, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 22 May, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 22 May, 2021

Poker Dictionary – Ducks

Have you come across a conversation between two experts in any field. You are listening to them and suddenly they use a word or a phrase that keeps you guessing what it means. It may be a technical jargon, or a phrase players who share common knowledge used on a table, or a phrase you weren’t aware had relevance in that conversation. 

Whatever it is, it leaves you baffled and confused. Just one word throws you out of the entire dialog that’s happening. So here we bring you a poker term that literally has a common meaning, but in the world of poker you wouldn’t expect it. Let’s discuss the poker term ‘Ducks

What is Ducks?

Ducks means being dealt with two deuces as the starting hand in Texas Hold’em. The term does not specifically have any strategic importance but being familiar with it will probably save you from being clueless during a poker conversation. 

Usually the starting hands in Hold’em are given certain nicknames and Ducks is one of them. This nickname simply comes because a pair of deuces look like two ducks. 

A pair of deuces or ducks also have other nicknames like: 

Desmond’, named after Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 

Quack Quack’ referring to the sound made by ducks, 

Swans/swarovskis’ resembling the swarovski crystal swans 

Richard Nixon’ after Richard Nixon’s famous double peace sign. 

How to play the Ducks?

It is advisable to limp, raise and sometimes even fold the ducks, depending on your stack size.  There are many such nicknames and poker terms to be learnt, so stay tuned for more such terms coming your way.

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