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Poker Declared As The National Sport Of India Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 01 Apr, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 01 Apr, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 01 Apr, 2022

Poker Declared As The National Sport Of India

For decades, there’s been an argument about whether poker is a game of skill or whether it’s one of chance. Many countries have voted on this differently, some accepting it as a major mind sport while others consider it as outright ‘gambling’. However, it seems to have been put to rest right now in India. 

Earlier today, the Government of India declared poker the national sport of India. The officials also said that people can now grind in the casinos in the country starting 15th April 2022. This news comes as a relief for the Indian poker community who had been eagerly waiting for the industry to get a mainstream status. Great news, right?


Gotcha! Happy April Fools Day!

Sorry, but you fell for the trap. You have been fooled! So here’s wishing you a Happy April Fool’s Day! As much as our eyes long to see the headline ‘Poker becomes the national sport of India’ come true, we know it’s a long way to go. 

But let’s say it becomes a reality:

If poker becomes the national sport of India, it would be a great boost for the Indian poker community. The niche industry will find a mainstream stage. The Indian poker players who put in their numerous efforts and put India on the global poker map would get their due respect and credit. Not to forget, if poker is accepted all over India, the stigma around the game being considered gambling will be gone. The game will be revered and practiced by a larger audience as a pure game of skill. Of course, more players mean bigger prize pools as well!

The casinos in India which are visited by merely a few will see a large footfall of the masses and more people will get to enjoy the luxuries of casinos. Due to the rise in demand, the number of casinos in the country will also increase. And of course, the casinos we only see in Goa, Daman, and Sikkim today would be accessible in every corner of the country. How amazing would that be!

Naturally, with the rise in casino establishments, employment and revenue generation would also see a rise. Did we not mention, the tourism sector would also see a boost due to more casinos. The luxury and amenities of casinos would also help encourage and develop a higher standard of living overall. 

While we want this to come true, we all know we will have to wait for quite a few years more to see this happen. Until then, we can continue playing our favorite game of skill online and in the handful of casinos, we have in the country. To play poker online visit the Gutshot Rooms page and sign-up on your favorite platform and start playing. And yes, don’t forget to keep grinding!

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