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Posted on 16 Aug, 2019
By Gutshot
On 16 Aug, 2019
By Gutshot
On 16 Aug, 2019

One week later, another Head-Hunter win for Jayjit Ray

As you all may know, Spartan Poker hosts particular tournaments on particular days of the week. Each of them has varying buy-ins and guarantees and on Thursday nights, they have something known as Head-Hunter INR 10 Lakh GTD and as the name suggests, it’s a bounty tournament which is slowly becoming very popular on this platform.

Yesterday was another edition of the tournament with the regular buy-in of INR 5,500 and once again, the guarantee was passed with 264 entries taking part and inflating the prize pool to INR 10.56 Lakh. The top 23 players were paid out a minimum of INR 12,249 but some of those outside the money also earned a bit from bounties.

Last week, it was Jayjit Ray aka ‘David Blaine’ who took down this tournament winning a prize of INR 3.43 Lakh. 7 nights later, he proved who’s the bounty king by defending his title and winning Head-Hunter again last night, this time adding INR 3,01,363 to his poker bankroll. This included around 55k in bounties. 

Remember, he even got consecutive titles last week, winning Elite a night after Head-Hunter so technically, this is his third major title on Spartan Poker in the space of just 7 days. Who knows, he may even successfully defend his Elite title later tonight. If you’re on his table, please show the man some respect and play your cards well.

Talking about last night’s tournament, Ray would’ve enjoyed the ending stages as there weren’t a lot of regulars in the field and on the Final Table. In heads-up, he beat ‘monuguru’ who won INR 1,66,320 for his runner-up finish plus bounties worth INR 30,000. The last hand was a PFAI situation where Ray had Jacks and his opponent had Fours. Td 3c Ac Ks Ad on the board meant Ray won with Aces and Jacks and added another title to his collection!

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