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What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites? Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 12 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 12 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 12 Oct, 2023

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Poker players and enthusiasts always look for poker sites which offer unique features, best in class gaming experience, customisations, and a wide range of exclusive tournaments. We are going to tell you about one such online poker platform. Natural8 India which ventured into the Indian gaming space is a poker site which comes with some exclusive features, which makes them stand out from a sea of online poker apps in India.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Natural8 India features that make this online poker app a preferred one among players, elevating the overall gaming experience as well.

Natural8 India Features

Table Features

Natural8 India’s platform comes loaded with some incredibled table features. Players can find the below features which will surely elevate their grinding experience.

  • Table Chat – Send voice messages to other players.
  • Emojis – Express exactly what you’re feeling during the hand with a range of funny emojis, with avatars of Daniel Negreanu and Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier.
  • Deal choice – Run it up to three times when you are all-in. But both players need to agree.
  • Shout Out – Shout out the number of outs you have, and they will be displayed on the screen for your rivals to see.
  • The Heat – You can express your emotions freely with this feature. Heated moments from the table can now be conveyed with the help of visual effects and sounds.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

  • Rabbit Hunt – Find out what card would have appeared on the turn or river had you opted to play further. For those who look for closure, this one will hand it down to you.
  • Bet Muck – This feature will be in motion when only two players are left on the table, and it is time for the river card. Once opted, this feature cannot be cancelled unless your rival raises, and you have to forfeit that pot.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

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A player’s hole cards will never be revealed with this feature. Players grinding in NLH, PLO / PLO-5, Short Deck, Spin and Gold, and Rush and Cash can make use of this feature.

  • Chip Shuffle – If you love shuffling chips on the live felts and miss it on the virtual ones then this feature by Natural8 India is just for you. Select this feature for a more immersive experience on Natural8 India app with the help of your mouse wheel or finger.
  • Card Squeeze – This is a unique feature found on Natural8 India app wherein players can gradually reveal their hole cards which adds an element of thrill in the gameplay. This feature allows the grinders to squeeze their cards slightly to see what hand they have been dealt. This feature adds a bit of realism to the play which makes the grind all the more exciting.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Smart HUD

Smart HUD (heads-up display) allows players to understand their rival’s game and strategies on the spot. This tool by Natural8 India gives you an insight into your opponent’s game when it comes to calls and raises made preflop. To put it simply, Smart HUDs allow players of cash games and tournaments to quickly know other players’ VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot) percentages. These insights give players an edge to tackle their rivals strategically.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Remember with this feature your opponent can view your VPIP percentage as well, so be careful. When it comes to the Smart HUD icons, every player will have an icon depending on his/her run in the card game. You could be running hot, blazing hot, normal or cold. The Smart HUD box feature lets you understand player statistics in a more detailed manner. This feature is available in cash games, tournaments, All-in or Fold and Spin and Gold.

Additional All-in or Fold stats

  • All-in: How many times did a player call an all-in or go all-in?
  • Fold: How many times did the player fold?
  • Fold to ATS: How many times did the player fold from a big or small blind position against an attempt made to steal blinds?

EV Cashout

This feature will leave you with a smile even after a bad beat. Yes, Natural8 India’s EV Cashout feature will ensure you get paid even after experiencing a bad beat.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

How does this work?

If you go all-in in a particular hand, you can opt for EV Cashout. With this feature players will get 60% or higher pot equity (after flop cards are revealed and all players have shown their cards). If you opt for the EV Cashout, you will get paid even if you lose eventually. Here, the pot will be forfeited once you choose the EV Cashout. If you opt out of the EV feature, you can play like usual.

Remember: In a two-way all-in scenario, the player who is trailing in the hand (if you have multiple draws with more than 60% equity) can only suggest RIMT (running it multiple times) and cannot choose EV Cashout.


Cashout = ([Pot size – Rake – Jackpot Fee] x Equity) x 99%

A fee of 1% will be charged when players opt for EV Cashout for all games (VIP games included).

Smart Betting

This is an industry-first feature that allows you to pick the ideal bet size using a machine learning algorithm in a given situation. This feature is available only for mobile devices. Smart Betting supports games under Hold’em, Rush and Cash, Omaha. (tourneys and All-in or Fold games are not supported). Smart Bet feature works separately for Omaha games.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?


This one is a gamechanger in the online poker analytics tool. PokerCraft is a tool which is designed to help players analyze their poker play. This tool helps you in your poker journey whether it comes to replaying hands or visualising sessions. Every single hand played by a grinder is stored in PokerCraft’s system and that data can be utilized to improve a player’s game. The analysis or fun hand moments can be shared with your friends. PokerCraft also allows you to make universal player notes which are designed to show you stats across devices and add labels. This tool proves to be an intuitive and powerful data analysis and visualisation tracker which will help you to up your poker game.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Hand Moments

Hand moments can be made by either looking at your current poker session. To save your hand, choose the hand history icon (top left corner). A series of hands you’ve played will show, with the latest hand first and then the rest. Select the hand you want to make a hand moment and click on save. Alternately, Hand Moments can also be created via PokerCraft, where you can share clips of your hands or bad beats via a URL.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?


Here, players can video stream other players on your table with the SnapCam feature. It is pretty simple, click on the SnapCam button and start a 15-second recordable snap easily. This feature is available in cash games and tourneys.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Players can make four SnapCam videos which are shareable simultaneously per table. Videos will be queued if more than four players try to share. This feature is available on the Natural8 India desktop app for Windows. Android, Mac and iOS support will be available soon. Players who mute their chats (via Helmet Mode) cannot view SnapCam content. Maximum 10 SnapCam videos can be saved.

Final Table Features

Natural8 India offers some of the best final table features like switch seats (before final table starts), blind intervals (blind levels will change as per hands dealt) and blind rollback (blinds could be rolled back by multiple levels). These final table features can be utilised only by those players who have made it in the money. Satellites and free to enter tourneys do not have these final table features.

Bubble Protection

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

Natural8 India offers bubble protection which is a free feature. This protects players’ buy-in in case they get eliminated before the money bubble. You will receive your buy-in back if you opt for this feature. Bubble protection is not offered across tourneys. To check which event offers bubble protection, look for the orange coloured bubble protection stamp.

Ask Fedor

Players no longer need to sign up for Natural8 India’s Ask Fedor feature. If players have existing subscriptions or free ‘Asks’ in their account, they can use this feature till the validity of the subscription. Ask Fedor utilises an AI system that is powered by deep learning and neural networks which analyze and evaluate your gameplay. This feature will rate your actions and make suggestions for better gameplay. Ask Fedor uses feedback from German pro Fedor Holz which makes this one of the best features on the poker site.

What Natural8 India Features Set Them Apart From Other Sites?

If all the above features are something you are looking for in an online poker platform, then look no further than Natural8 India. Complete your Natural8 India download and sign up. You can avail a 200% bonus of up to ₹81,000 on your first deposit on Natural8 India.

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