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Mumbai Marshals: Reliving The Victory At ESPL 2021 Esports
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 13 Nov, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Nov, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Nov, 2021

Mumbai Marshals: Reliving The Victory At ESPL 2021

The Esports Premier League (ESPL) 2021 finally drew its curtains amid much fanfare and buzz. The team that caught everyone’s attention and gloriously lifted the title at this flagship Free Fire tournament by India Today Gaming was the ‘Mumbai Marshals.’ Originally a TSM team, the Mumbai Marshals represented Mumbai at the first of its kind franchise-based esports tournament.

We connected with the captain of this young and dynamic group, to know the team’s insights about winning the tournament, the overall concept and more. What Indranil Saha aka ‘FABINDRO,’ the captain had to share was utterly delightful and wholesome. Read on to know about and relive the victory of the ESPL 2021 champions.

Tell us a little about your team.

I am FabIndro, IGL and captain of the TSMFTX and Mumbai Marshals Free Fire team. The team consists of MrJay (Rusher), OldMonk (Rusher) and Amadron (Sniper). The team is famous for our firepower and aggressive game style. MrJay and Oldmonk are very well known and highly regarded players in the Indian Free Fire community.

Indranil Saha aka ‘FABINDRO’

TSM FTX has won several tournaments so far. But tell us how did the team come together?

We have been playing together as the current lineup for quite some time now and when TSM FTX offered us the opportunity to play under their banner, it was an easy decision, to be honest. To get the opportunity to be a part of an international organisation like TSM and have such an amazing brand backing us up as well as providing us with top-notch facilities and bootcamp, I mean, it’s definitely a big thing. Being a part of TSM has greatly helped us and me, personally to focus better on our game and it has been one of the driving forces behind all our achievements lately.  

How did the name ‘Mumbai Marshals’ come up? / How did ESPL happen?

The whole Mumbai Marshals thing, I would say, was a luck thing. So ESPL had this very innovative initiative this year, where just like the IPL and ISL format, teams would represent different cities/states in our country. It was all based on a lottery system, where each lineup would get picked up to represent one of many states. And like I said, we were lucky enough to get picked to represent Mumbai and the people of Mumbai city. 

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What was it like to win ESPL 2021?

To an esports player, winning any tournament is a dream come true. To win a big event like ESPL 2021 with the whole nation watching, was definitely something I can’t put into words. Winning as a team at such a big event was one thing but winning it as ‘Mumbai Marshals,’ representing the whole city and its people, who have shown us immense support and love, it’s a moment I and my team will cherish forever. 

Mumbai Marshals lifting the 2021 ESPL trophy

What was the team’s strategy against Bangalore Ballistics in the finals? Tell us a little about the finals match.

Well, Bangalore was definitely one of, if not the hardest team in the league for sure. We had already lost to them once before we made it to the finals. So we knew what we were up against and we had prepared how to go about it. We had decided as a team that we won’t hold back and defend instead, we will go out all offensive, which is definitely our strong side. So yeah, knowing that Bangalore’s playstyle was all offensive and they were weakest in the defensive area, we just utilised that to our own advantage and were able to take the games back to back and win the tournament. 

Mumbai Marshals were one of the strongest teams right from the start. Which other teams did you all think were tough competitors?

Like I mentioned earlier, definitely, Bangalore Ballistics was a team to look out for. We did get caught by surprise initially by their offensive and attacking gameplay, but we were able to turn the tables in our favour,  where it mattered the most.

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Two more awards, the Most Valuable Player and Player of the tournament also came to your team, tell us about that?

Winning the tournament along with The MVP (for Jay) and Player of the tournament was just amazing. It finally felt like all our hard work and planning worked out well and we were able to bring our A-game on the big stage. It’s definitely a big morale booster for us as a team and for our individual players to be recognized with these awards.

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