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Mishra and Bansal among winners on SVS Day 1 Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 19 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 19 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 19 Dec, 2019

Mishra and Bansal among winners on SVS Day 1

Each month Spartan Poker queues up major series for the poker fanatics in the country. Varying tournament take place for low/mid and high-stake players who in the end stroll out with bundles of hard-earned money. Putting an end to the SSS, the Spartan Value Series (SVS) returned yesterday to play out the December edition that comes with an assurance of INR 91+ Lakhs GTD! The biggest surprise is; however, the upcoming weekend will host The Millionaire Lite INR 50 Lakhs at a buy-in of INR 1.650. So, here is the complete summary of SVS Day 1

SVS Event #1 INR 50k GTD

One of the greatest things about SVS is that each tournament comes with high value at the lowest buy-in, so was the first tournament yesterday. For a buy-in of INR 110, a total number of 421 players registered in the opening tournament. The top 27 places were paid out a min-cash of INR 500, a slice from the prize pool. It was Induprakash Mishra aka ‘supee’ who triumphed the day and captured the first title of the series after railing out ‘TymTravel’ in heads-up.

Down to the final two, heads-up got underway and eventually, after few rounds of shuffling cards, level 29 of the tournament saw Mishra who had 886k chips and ‘TymTravel’ accumulated 166k chips. The latter goes all-in holding pocket twos and got a call from the former who had Kc 6s. The board ran 8s 6c Kc 2s 6h and that’s how Mishra hit a full house with 666KK over his opponent’s 22266, strengthening his poker bankroll by adding INR 11,075 prize money.

SVS Event #2 INR 60k GTD

As the day progressed, the buy-ins kept increasing and this time 271 players registered for INR 220, only 23 could finish in the money securing INR 696 min-cash. The player to grab the largest chunk of the prize pool was ‘Saiwatson’ pocketing INR 9,977 prize money after a 3-way deal. With ‘Saiwatson’ carrying the largest stack of 361k was announced the official winner. However, following his heels were ‘blacknight92’ with INR 9,917 and in the third place was ‘ragib420’.

SVS Event #3 INR 35k GTD

Powering through a field of 209 entries, ‘FunkeyFox’ captured the winner’s title after defeating Pratyush Singh aka ‘PlayMyWay’ in heads-up. Besides, the third tournament of the day saw a relatively lower buy-in of INR 165 and the top 17 places benefitted from the prize pool.

Level 26 of the tournament saw both players slow-playing and check until the river card. The players drew pair of Tens from the board 6h 7d Tc 9d Th and Singh shows his King kicker, eventually collecting the pot. But ‘FunkeyFox’ ultimately becomes the official champion carrying a larger stack and pocketing INR 7,580 in prize money.

SVS Event #4 INR 2 Lakhs GTD

The buy-in and guarantee shoot up to become INR 880 and INR 2 Lakhs GTD, respectively. Attracting 226 players, the prize pool was split among the top 20 places, each one receiving a min-cash of INR 2,680. However, taking away the lion’s share of the same was ‘llordankcor’ becoming the official winner. Level 31 saw ‘llordankcor’ up against ‘yUDdam’ striking a heads-up deal with the former carrying the larger stack adds a valuable title to his poker career.

SVS Event #5 INR Hi-Fi INR 6 Lakhs GTD

Every SVS day ends with Hi-Fi being the final tournament and yesterday too it did well by attracting 441 players for a buy-in as high as INR 1,650. The guarantee was broken, generating a bigger prize pool of INR 6.61 Lakhs, a share of which was distributed among the top 36 places for a min-cash INR 4,299. It was Mandira Bansal who emerged victoriously taking down the biggest tournament on SVS Day 1. Bansal seized the first-place prize money after defeating ‘FreeFlow’ in heads-up.

In level 38, Bansal held 6h As up against ‘FreeFlow’ with Jh Js, pre-flop saw both players shove. The turn and river 8h Ad respectively prove to be immensely favourable for the former as the latter’s two pair of AAJJ couldn’t stand against the full house AAA88 of the former, thus Bansal railed out the opponent to grab the prize money!

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