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Mike Matusow Is Badly Torn Between Solvers And Reads Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 29 Aug, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 29 Aug, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 29 Aug, 2023

Mike Matusow Is Badly Torn Between Solvers And Reads

Mike Matusow has been quite vocal about his thoughts on social media, with the poker pro often spending his time online. However, the American poker player has a particular affection for X(formerly known as Twitter) and is seen sharing his opinions on numerous topics.

Recently the 55-year-old was recently spotted asking a serious question to all his fellow poker players. Tagging the likes of Andrew Lichtenberger, Jason Koon, Doug Polk and Justin Bonomo, Matusow posed a serious question that led to a great conversation. 

Speaking about ranges and reads, Matusow posted a tweet stating, ‘Serious question to all of the wizards? If solver tells me that you should play certain hand a certain way and my read tells me you have a big hand, isn’t it then correct for me to do opposite with my hand then what solver says I should do to exploit your betting range?  Serious question to all wizards’’ (sic) 

Andrew Lichtenberger replied to the tweet sharing his insight and said, “Naturally, reads which allow you to weight certain parts of your opponents range with higher confidence should influence your decision making. How much confidence you have in your read is what I would think about when weighting it vs whatever I believe the theoretical ideas to be.”

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“It’s the same idea in rock, paper, scissors – if you have some reason to believe your opponent is X% more likely to throw one option over another, you don’t suddenly know what is going to happen, you just know that there is an increased probability of a particular outcome. For example, against a less experienced player you will be a lot more accurate in identifying whether they are strong or weak than you will be capable of vs @WAFoxen on his worst day.” (sic)

This detailed explanation gave poker enthusiasts a very good insight on how pro players think, with such perspectives often helping players expand their horizons and become a better player. 

Mike Matusow, being the character he is, did not shy away from making a sly comment during the conversation and stated, “I guess I’m genius because my intuition tells me when I’m beat 90% of the time it’s not rock paper scissors either! I focus on how good players approach every hand and I always pick up a live read on even the best players!”

“I know maybe you don’t believe in live reads but they exist and best players in world like Alex Foxen and  @ChancesCards will stare you down and pick up live reads all time! Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying but I def know when players are strong or weak! Also I’m 99% not playing the wizards in PokerGo studios either! 😘”

Check out the Mike Matusow’s conversation

Recently, Matusow captured the limelight after the poker pro was schooled by Daniel Negreanu following his comments on a player’s game on Hustler Casino Live. 

When a player named Mariano made a bet on the river holding aces, he took to Twitter and shared his thoughts, stating why the bet was a terrible move. However, Negreanu commented on the video post and schooled Matusow with some insights which got steamy as neither player was ready to take it down.

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