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Posted on 20 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 20 Nov, 2018
By GS Admin
On 20 Nov, 2018

Math: The best way to score at Poker

There might be many celebrity Poker players who say that they are quite weak at math and use just their gut instinct to make the correct decisions. This has to be the biggest “bluff” that they showcase. Although Math does sound like a scary proposition to many, it does give players an upper hand while making decisions.

Let us take a look at the different Mathematical techniques that you can use to score big at Poker:

  1. Probability

Probability is one of the biggest tools of Math that can help you make the right decision on the poker table. This trick helps a player calculate the amount of risk that he might have based on the probability of the opponents hand being better or worse than him.

  1. Ratio

Ratio is another important tool that can basically reveal the entire deck to you- if you get proficient at it. Ratios can help you to determine the card odds. There are many ways of determining the same but the most common use of ratio is to determine the ratio of the cards that you don’t want to the ratio of cards you do want.

  1. Percentages

Percentages are very important in a lot of aspects of Poker. It can help you determine the numeric value of the risk you might have in playing a particular move. Sometimes using the percentage of the odds can help you determine if you should call or fold the cards.

  1.  Sklanksy Dollars 

“Sklansky dollars” tells you how much money you expect to win from the pot based on your equity at that point in the hand. It’s extremely useful to basically know where you stand and weather your hand has enough equity to grab the pot.

    It can be calculated as:
    Sklansky Dollars = [ (total pot size) * (equity) ] - last call amount 
  1. Progression

Series is basically a progression which can be used to determine the outcome of a particular series of events. We can use progression to determine which turn will yield out preferable card. It has to be followed with the use of Ratio as well.

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