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Live Poker Tells and How to disguise them Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 09 May, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 09 May, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 09 May, 2018

Live Poker Tells and How to disguise them

You ever see players with unusual clothing on at a poker table. You may have not seen them in person, but you definitely must have seen a picture! They are usually spotted at high stake games. You may be judging their fashion skills but what you don’t understand is that they are trying to mask their tells at a high stakes game.

The act of carefully concealing your tells in order to avoid giving your opponent a competitive edge against you is referred to as “masking”. When you have mastered the act of masking you may even be able to broadcast them intentionally as a means of deception.

Most players often fail to mask their tells is because they are not aware of them. The basic tells are avoidable and most people mask them by using sunglasses and covering their mouth. However many of the other types of tells go completely unnoticed. The following is a list of potential ways that our opponent can pick up tells, along with masking suggestions to help us avoid giving away information unintentionally.

Card Apex

This refers to the time when a Poker player first looks at his hole cards. It has three different stages which are a part of it. The onset, offset and the apex stage.

The apex is the stage in which the player checks his card. The onset and offset refers to the stage in which players pick up and put down their cards. Most of the poker players tend to take decisions easily when the situation is easy.

Card Rechecks

Several poker players have a habit of continuously picking and checking their cards. Players should not just keep picking up their cards during the game as their opponents on the table get to know when the player is faking it or actually looking at the cards.


A player can be hesitated in several situations but it mainly takes place when the player is indecisive or uncertain. When a player is hesitant about something, his body languages changes which might be observed by opponent players who at times might understand the reason for hesitation.

Chip Tells

Small things like the way you put chips in the pot can also indicate if you have a weak or a strong hand. Poker champs can understand these small details very easily and this can affect your game. To avoid this you should try to put your chips in the same manner so that the opponents will not get to know if you have a strong or a weak game.


Several poker players wear sunglasses at the poker table to prevent the opponents from staring into their eyes which might lead to them knowing their game or cards. Our gaze can tell our opponents a lot even without us actually telling them.

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These were some tells that can give away your poker game. Do you know of anymore? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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