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Laksh Pal Singh wins SSS Day 2 Head Hunter; 3 others win Poker
Gutshot Admin
Posted on 12 Apr, 2019
By Gutshot Admin
On 12 Apr, 2019
By Gutshot Admin
On 12 Apr, 2019

Laksh Pal Singh wins SSS Day 2 Head Hunter; 3 others win

This month’s Spartan Super Series (SSS) began on 10th April and will end on 14th. The 5-day festival is studded with marquee events like The Elite INR 50 Lakhs GTD and the Main Event INR 75 Lakhs GTD. Yesterday, Day 2 of the series was hosted and saw ‘illegal9’ winning two tournaments who also currently ranks 2nd in the Leaderboard. Another Spartan Poker regular ‘JasonBourne’ won the biggest event of the day. Here’s a round-up of what happened:

SSS #9 – Head Hunter INR 12 Lakhs GTD

The novel Head Hunter tournament made its appearance yesterday. The tournament had a Bounty format, which meant that out of the total INR 5,500 buy-in, INR 1,000 went to each player’s starting bounty. And as the players earned eliminations, half the bounty on the victim would figure in the eliminator’s bounty and the other half would figure in the bounty prize pool.

Last night, Head Hunter began at 7.30 pm and was in the books by 2.39 am today morning on Spartan. The community was so enthusiastic about this one that the 365 total entries crushed the guarantee by a good margin of INR 2.6 Lakhs. The top 31 places were paid out of this prize pool and conquering the title and the first-place cash prize was community regular Laksh Pal Singh aka ‘LuckyBhai$’ who took home INR 3,62,227 (including INR 53,437 bounty).

Singh beat another known community entity Gaurav Sood aka ‘mozzie17’ in heads-up. The fateful hand happened with Singh owning over 2:1 chip lead. Singh had Js Qs and raised all-in before the flop and Sood called with As 9h. The board revealed 9c 8d Qh 5h Tc and gave Singh an Eight to Queen straight, which beat Sood’s Nines easily. Sood settled for INR 2,07,904 as the runner-up prize money.

Singh is already a good player in the live and online circuit of India. Among his recent achievements include Spartan SuperStack title which he won last month. He will look forward to using this money in upcoming range of tournaments and earn more.

SSS #7 – INR 2 Lakhs GTD

This was the first tournament of the day and attracted a total of 203 players to the felts for INR 550 buy-in. Topping the field and earning INR 47,693 as first-place cash prize was ‘THEDONKKID’ who beat ‘instacash’ in heads-up. The min-cash for the tournament was set at INR 1,984 and a total of 31 places were paid out of this.

SSS #8 – INR 3.25 Lakhs GTD

The tournament was 2nd in the list of offerings on the day and drew in a total of 159 unique players to the felts. ‘illegal9’ won this one for INR 68,737 and earned his first out of 2 total titles he would win on the day. He beat ‘UnderCover’ in heads-up to secure his victory. In the final hand, illegal9 beat his opponent with a straight over two pair.

SSS #10 – SHR INR 45 Lakhs GTD

JasonBourne’ won this one beating a total of 99 entries (including 20 re-entries and 17 re-buys), consisting of all pros and regs, given the dear INR 55k buy-in associated with it. He/she took home an awesome cash prize of INR 13,61,250 beating ‘Lord Hendrix’ in heads-up. Others to finish ITM were Sahil Agarwal (6th – INR 3,01,950), Ashish Munot (7th – INR 2,37,600), Siddhanth Kapoor (9th – INR 1,41,075), Jayjit Ray (10th – INR 1,23,750) and Sriharsha Doddapaneni (11th – INR 1,23,750).

SSS #11 – Hi-Fi INR 4 Lakhs GTD

The last tournament of SSS Day 2 saw 194 unique players attracted to the virtual felts. The prize pool crushed the guarantee by a good margin and brought it to INR 6,39,000, out of which the top 31 places were paid. ‘illegal9’ shipped this tournament for INR 1,35,148, beating ‘CommoN_MaN’ in heads-up, who settled for INR 90,993. With this win, illegal9 is also currently 2nd on the SSS Leaderboard, after ‘JasonBourne’.

Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com to know the results of Day 3 of the SSS which will be hosted today and for other such news from around the world.

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