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Know Your Poker Chips Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 19 Dec, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 19 Dec, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 19 Dec, 2018

Know Your Poker Chips

Before playing any game, you need to learn and understand the game in and out, especially a game like poker that requires a lot of mental strategy. Poker is often linked with back alleys and has been deemed as a sketchy and smoky card game. But over the past few years, we have seen that this interesting game has developed a lot and poker is gaining attention by many in the mainstream line of card games. As one might be quite aware about the fact that poker is a game of cards and chips but the most fabulous feature would be to learn how these chips are made. Let’s find out…

China utilizes cost effective solutions for producing poker chips Short moulding system is the most regular method of making poker chips. ABS Plastic is heated up to a molten state and then pressured into moulds. Specifically, there are two types of poker chips that can be crafted using this methodology.  Professional engineers and toolmakers craft these moulds. Initially, clay was applied to make poker chips. Later, makers used to add some other components to make these poker chips tougher.

Coming to another interesting aspect are the Types of Poker chips. You will need to buy a decent set of poker chips if you will be hosting a game with regular players. Although there many poker chips in the market to chose from, specific ways to categorize poker chips.

1. Low end chips v/s High end chips: This type of categorization is done by amateur poker players to simply differentiate cheaper chips from expensive chips. You are basically deciding between nice plastic chips and ceramic/ clay chips.

2. Ceramic chips v/s clay chips: Serious poker players use this categorization to segregate chips within the higher end. We will see this kind of segregation done at huge Poker tournaments where professional players are involved.


  • Faux Clay
  • Cheap Plastic (supermarket chips)
  • Mid Range Plastic
  • Nice Plastic (injection moulded)
  • Ceramic (casino-grade)
  • Ceramic (non-casino grade)
  • Cheap Plastic (super diamond)
  • Cheap Plastic (ABS plastic
  • Clay Composite (compression moulded)
  • Clay (casino grade)

Also, these chips are found in colours. The colour scheme of poker chip value is not universally standardized. Each casino has a unique set of poker chips or tokens. These tokens are used in place of money as it becomes easier to deal with them in comparison to currency. However, these chips have no value outside the casino, but they are honoured informally by certain businesses.

Now that you have educated yourself with all this information, go ahead and become a pro at the game. Visit our Poker Site “Spartans” and Happy Playing!

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