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'kick_axxxs' is biggest winner on Spartan's LBS Day 1 Poker
Gutshot Admin
Posted on 26 Oct, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 26 Oct, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 26 Oct, 2018

‘kick_axxxs’ is biggest winner on Spartan’s LBS Day 1

We wrote a small preview on The Spartan Poker’s Little Big Series (LBS) for the month of October, where INR 29+ lakh was kept aside as guaranteed prizes across 18 tournaments played between 25-28 October 2018. Yesterday was the first day of the series with players getting the chance of winning big with small buy-ins.

Here’s a look at what happened during the day:

LBS Event #1 INR 60k GTD

The opening event had a buy-in of just INR 110 and 620 entries registered to the tournament which slightly beat the advertised guarantee, creating a new prize pool of INR 62,000. Eventually, the top 36 were paid out a minimum cash of INR 403 and the biggest winner was ‘Sunny009’, who outlasted every other entry for the top prize of INR 12,400. He beat ‘boomeranged’ in heads-up, who won INR 8,680 for finishing second. In the final hand, Aces and Fives opened on the board and Sunny009 won with a higher kicker, nine.

LBS Event #2 INR 90k GTD

The second tournament of the day had a slightly higher buy-in of INR 220 and here too, the guarantee was ever-so-slightly beaten, with a field of 452 entries joining and a new prize pool of INR 90,400 being created. From here, the top 30 finishers were paid out a minimum cash prize of INR 678 and the biggest cheque from this prize pool went to Rishabh Gupta aka ‘radda’, who won INR 18,984 for shipping the tournament. In heads-up, he beat ‘vasoowadhawan’ who settled for a prize of INR 13,288.

Gutshot caught up with the 21-year old from Pune, who has just completed his bachelor’s in commerce. He said, “I started playing poker on Zynga Poker (Facebook) with play money and then started developing a liking for the sport. Since math has always been my strongest subject, it’s been a big boon to my poker skills. Winning this LBS tournament was a good feeling.”

LBS Event #3 INR 75k GTD

This was the first freezeout tournament of the LBS series and had an INR 330 buy-in. 229 entries registered to the tournament and from them, the top 30 places were paid out a minimum prize of INR 563. Winning the tournament was Sahil aka ‘Hey_Jude’, who took home the top prize of INR 15,750 while ‘CuddlyPervert’ won INR 11,025 for finishing second. The final hand was a pre-flop all-in situation where ‘Hey_Jude’ won with Tens full of Nines.

Gutshot caught up with the winner and he said, “The tournament started at 8, but I entered around 9:30. I was trying my best to be patient throughout so somehow managed to reach the final table with the ranking 8/8. I shoved a few hands to steal pots. The hand that gave me a double up was when I had (9,10)s I think. ‘cuddlypervert’ who had a pretty good stack bet 2x post flop, I had nothing on flop still I just called to see the turn, saw 9, he bet, I shove, won. Soon later, I was the chip leader.”

LBS Event #4 INR 2 Lakh GTD

The fourth tournament of the day had a night kick off and a buy-in of INR 550. A 355-entry field registered to the tournament and from them, only the top 30 were paid out with a minimum cash of INR 1,500. This tournament was the major attraction of LBS Day 1 on The Spartan Poker and the biggest prize was taken down by Rohit Singh aka ‘kick_axxxs’, who won INR 42,000 for this grind. In the final hand, his pair of Aces beat the pair of Jacks of his opponent, ‘rindaman’, who won INR 29,400 for finishing second.

Singh spoke to Gutshot after this victory and said, “No matter what profession I choose or what kind of earning options come my way, poker will always something which I keep continuing forever because it’s not about winning money, it’s about my passion for poker.”

Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more updates on the Little Big Series.

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