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Joey Ingram Reacts To Hustler Casino Live’s Investigation Reports Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 20 Dec, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 20 Dec, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 20 Dec, 2022

Joey Ingram Reacts To Hustler Casino Live’s Investigation Reports

Poker player and content creator, Joey Ingram, who was closely following and sharing his perspective on the entire Robbi Lew-Garrett Adelstein cheating scandal, has finally broken his silence on the investigation reports of Hustler Casino Live. He told PokerNews he wasn’t surprised by the outcome of the investigation. However, he added that he has yet to dig into the report.

Earlier last week, Hustler Casino Live released a report on the scandal, an investigation for which was done by a third-party. The investigation assessed the controversial 29th September 2022 incident wherein Adelstein accused Lew of cheating him to the tune of $135K, after she won a pot worth $269,000 with her J4o. Adelstein claimed that Lew made use of some devices that showed her what cards he held. 

Naturally, the hand instantly created an uproar in the poker universe, and became one of the most controversial topics in poker history. Several poker pros and stakeholders jumped into the bandwagon and shared their take on the issue. Among them was Ingram, who went all-in to investigate the matter on his own on his YouTube channel. 

He hosted several well-known faces as guests on his podcast over the next week or so to discuss the controversial matter. Among the guests were Tom Dwan, Haralabos Voulgaris and even Lew, who dived deep into the accusations against the female player.


Lew shared her side of the story in the matter and what went down during that hand and the subsequent public opinion trial on Twitter. Eventually, Lew underwent a lie-detector test and came out clean in the matter. 

The Hustler Casino Live also conducted its private investigation via a third-party company, which was especially hired by HCL’s production company, High Stakes Poker Productions. The investigation concluded with ‘no evidence of wrongdoing’ found. 

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The PokerNews team got in touch with Ingram during the ongoing World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship 2022 at Wynn Las Vegas. Talking about the Hustler Casino Live report, he told them, “I haven’t really got a chance to read through it. I’m imagining they basically said what I expected them to say months ago, which was that they didn’t find anything, there was some issues with the security, security could be stronger in other places, and they’re gonna do what they can with the companies that they’re working with that are consulting them to help sure them up on the security side.” (sic)

Although he has not yet read the report, he said that he was satisfied with the outcome of the investigation since he believed from day one that Lew was not guilty. He also expressed his wish to see Adelstein back in action. 

After posting the reports, HCL had posted a tweet saying they were open to having Adelstein play in the casino. Adelstein, too, shared a post on Twitter that he was open to returning to play in the HCL games. 

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Photo credit: PokerNews

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