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Raunaq Pinto
Posted on 14 Apr, 2023
By Raunaq Pinto
On 14 Apr, 2023
By Raunaq Pinto
On 14 Apr, 2023

Jasven Saigal Eliminated

LEVEL 6: BLINDS: 400/800, ANTE 800

Poker pro Jasven Saigal shoved all-in with his stack of 10.5K holding K J. Priya Agarwal with pocket sevens called from the cutoff. The board brought 2  6 3 8 3, leaving Saigal with a flush draw, while Agarwal scooped the pot and eliminated the APT NLH winner with her Candy Canes. Will he fire another bullet before the late-registration ends?!

  • Saigal: K   J 
  • Agarwal: 7 ♦ 7 ♠
  • Board: 2  6  3 8 3 


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