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How Poker Leaderboards Boost Competition and Winnings Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 28 Mar, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Mar, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Mar, 2024

How Poker Leaderboards Boost Competition And Winnings

Poker leaderboards are a competitive feature in both online and live poker games. These leaderboards are designed to track and rank the high performing players over a certain period across tournaments or cash games. Online poker leaderboard promotions are quite popular among players and are held as a part of a series or a standalone offering.

The primary goal of poker leaderboards is to add an extra layer of competition which also bumps up player winnings. This encourages a player to participate more frequently in poker games. Leaderboards can be found in various formats of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck and more.

What Are Poker Leaderboards

1. Definition and Purpose

Leaderboards are ranking systems that showcase the performance of poker players based on specific criteria. These criteria can vary, but they often include factors like tournament earnings, points accumulated, or consistent participation and good performance.

2. Types of Poker Leaderboards 

Overall Leaderboards: Overall leaderboards compile data from various tournaments. They provide a comprehensive view of a player’s performance across different formats and buy-ins.

Daily and Monthly Leaderboards: Some platforms offer daily and monthly leaderboards. These focus on specific time frames, allowing players to compete against their opponents within shorter intervals. The top finishers receive rewards, creating an incentive for frequent participation.

Game-Specific Leaderboards: Certain leaderboards cater to specific poker variants across tournaments or cash games. Poker operators also launch leaderboard promotions as a critical part of their tournament series.

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How Leaderboards Work 

Accumulating Points: Leaderboard rankings depend on points earned through participation, wins, and consistency. Tournaments with higher buy-ins often contribute more points. Players accumulate points over the specified period, aiming to secure a top spot.

Rewards and Recognition: The top finishers receive cash prizes, tournament tickets, or other incentives like flagship mobile phones, bikes, cars and other expensive items. The exact number of players who will be awarded prizes is determined by the platform operators.

Strategy and Adaptation: Balancing volume (playing more tournaments) with quality (achieving deep runs) becomes essential. Adapting to different formats and adjusting your game plan can make all the difference in your leaderboard ranking.

Next time you are grinding, remember that you are not just playing against opponents—you are also competing against the leaderboard. So, hone your skills, embrace the challenge, and put your best foot forward.

If you like what we’ve written about leaderboard contests, we have a recommendation for you. MPL Poker is offering daily leaderboards along with the Cash Bash leaderboard which will prove to be perfect bankroll boosters.

MPL Poker Cash Bash Leaderboard 

With this cash leaderboard promotion, players can win up to 60% rakeback. MPL Poker’s Cash Bash leaderboard allows players to receive a cash reward of up to ₹1.90 Lakh for 10 Lakh points. Any sum withdrawn during the leaderboard period will face a 22% deduction from the points generated.

Reward Calculation

1 point = ₹1 in rake – 22% of your withdrawal amount. Let us take an example. If you earn 1,000 points and withdraw a sum of ₹1,000, then your updated points will be 1,000 – (22% of 1,000) = 780. Remember this leaderboard contest runs every seven days, and then resets. The current leaderboard contest runs from 27th March 2024, 10 PM to 3rd April 2024, 10 PM.

Note – GST will not be deducted from the rake amount. Rakeback earned will be credited to the MPL deposit wallet.

MPL Poker Cash Bash Leaderboard

MPL Poker Daily Bash Leaderboards

Under this leaderboard promotion, MPL Poker players will get a chance to win from different prize pools on a daily basis. Check out prize pools below.

  • ₹10K Winnings – 5/10 big blinds. Maximum reward – ₹1,000.
  • ₹40K Winnings – 25/50 big blinds. Maximum reward – ₹7,500.
  • ₹80K Winnings – 500 and above big blinds. Maximum reward – ₹25,000.
  • ₹1 Lakh Winnings – 100/200 big blinds. Maximum reward – ₹20,000.

MPL Poker Daily Bash Leaderboard Contest

Players remember the following if you wish to be eligible for payouts. You can grind on NLH, PLO, PLO 5, PLO 6 and All-in cash tables. Players can claim their prizes within 24 hours after the leaderboard promotion ends. Rewards will not be credited if a player fails to claim his/her prize money. If you like what you’ve read so far, then sign up on MPL Poker app and get started with your leaderboard grind.

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