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GoodPoker’s VIP Club Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 10 Jun, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 10 Jun, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 10 Jun, 2021

GoodPoker’s VIP Club Offer Will Lift Your Spirits Like Never Before 

When we think of VIP clubs on online poker platforms our hearts begin to race because let’s be honest we all want to be a part of some esteemed VIP club. GoodPoker, one of the fast growing online poker brands has introduced a smashing offer in the form of its VIP club promotion. As astounding as it sounds, this VIP club is something that every poker player wants to be a part of. 

So what is the system put in place for this new VIP club?

Let’s get started on this new promotion by GoodPoker. This VIP club promotion is for new players on the platform. So, if you are looking for a brand new online poker platform to play on, then look no further than GoodPoker. 

What’s the first thing to do?

Firstly, sign-up on GoodPoker. Once done, for every hand you play on this amazing online poker platform, you will start earning VIP points. Yes, it’s that simple.

There is a faster way to generate VIP coins. How? Read on.

For every ₹9.50 rake generated you will get up to 1 VIP coin which can be redeemed for real cash. And this is for real. There are a total of five levels which can be nailed by online poker players. 

Level 1 – Micro Warrior

Here you have to score between 0 to 2400 VIP coins. Once you have scored 2400 points you become eligible for the next level. 

Level 2 – Small Stakes Grinder

This one has the name of Small Stakes Grinder as the range of VIP coins is between 2400 to 9000. Here if you get past 9000 coins then the next level is Mid-Stakes Destroyer. Also, remember, in this Small Stakes Grinder level players can win VIP coins at 1.1X speed. Further, online poker players will have to consistently earn 500 VIP coins to stay in level 2 throughout the month. 

Level 3 – Mid-Stakes Destroyer

When you have earned between 9000 to 14000 coins you become a part of this competitive level. From here on the VIP coins are generated at a speed of 1.2X speed. Make sure to earn 1000 VIP points in order to stay in this Mid-Stakes Destroyer level. 

Level 4 – Multi-Table Wizard

Here the VIP coins earned have to be between 14000 to 19000. The speed of VIP coins generated now stands at 1.3X which is splendid. Here you have to at least earn 3,000 VIP coins to maintain the stature of belonging to the Multi-Table Wizard level.

Level 5 – High Stakes Legend

When a player earns 19,000 and above VIP coins, he/she belongs to the High Stakes Legend club. And here the speed of generating VIP coins is an impressive 1.4X. All you have to make sure is generate a cool 10,000 VIP coins every month to enjoy the benefits of this amazing High Stakes Legend club. 

Players keep in mind that every single VIP coin can be redeemed for ₹0.50. This means over 5% rake is given to the online poker players. This is a very lucrative offer and no online poker player should miss out on this one. Roll your sleeves up and get started on GoodPoker. SIGN UP now.  

Welcome Bonus Of Upto INR 3,000 Only On GoodPoker

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