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GS Admin
Posted on 28 Oct, 2018
By GS Admin
On 28 Oct, 2018
By GS Admin
On 28 Oct, 2018

Does what you wear defines who you are at Poker?

‘Can’t read my Poker face’, probably a few words summed up together to define the experience of the Poker players who aspire to climb the heights of success while concealing their expressions from their opponents or through throwing an exceptionally well dressed or oddly dressed persona over the table to cover their gestures which are the most threatening agents in case you have planned a win over the table through strategizing and playing. 

A surprising number of panelists and Poker maestros believe that your way of dressing in a Poker tournament has a heavy effect on your game and your image in your opponent’s eyes. However, for your dressing to really play its cards, you must also practice controlling your reactions while the game is one, together, your self-control and a strategic dress up will escalate your win a step further.

Since we all, as human beings make judgements about a person based on their appearance, it is most likely for your opponent to take you they way you want them to, just by adding that extra accessory or the attire which is suitable according to your game for the given moment.

In fact, it is also assumed to have an affect over your opponent’s game plan, you see visuals play their part when it comes to positioning yourself accordingly; why otherwise the giants of the food chains have Jokers and other funny looking mascots dressed up in jolly colors while the corporates are represented by subtle colors of blue, white or grey?

To think, professional Poker players hire professional fashion stylists according to the occasion or the tournament that they are to participate in which may be fun or sophisticate or classy with a hint of jolly. Members of the World Poker Tour Champions Club believe that wearing various kind of accessories like sunglasses, hats or scarves give them the edge over their opponents.

For an example, glasses could help you cover the tension that builds up in your eyes when you sense that the game is slipping away out of your hands or the excitement that glisten in your eyes when you have the perfect set of cards to enable your victory. Appearance could be a game changer. Even the trivial of the accessories like shoes make an impact over your audience and opponents. Scarves could help you cope with the discomfort that usually is faced by a not so social person when they are exposed to a huge audience altogether.

But, contrary to the apparels or the accessories that help a Poker player conceal their emotions, there are specific accessories that make for a part where a player is actually trying to express or portray a side of his/ her personality through his appearance, for an example, hats could be used as an ego booster while people discuss about it over the able with you, it could also be used as an extra accessory to impress your audience, but it has to be as subtle as your intention to win from the game or it may backfire as a hint to your opponent if he is good at reading people’s mind through their appearances at the table.

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