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GS Admin
Posted on 27 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 27 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 27 Dec, 2017

Did You Know These Top 10 Myths About Poker?

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ve probably heard the rumours surrounding poker – both online and offline. There are countless theories, misconceptions and myths, and some of you may even believe it. Poker is indeed full of myths (and a myth by definition means – widely held but false belief or idea) and here are some of the big ones.

Poker Myth #1 – Online Poker is rigged!

This has to be the biggest misconception people have! No, it’s not rigged. In fact, online poker is the safest way to play poker and avoid cheaters. The level of security these portals have is more than you can fathom! You should know that every online poker room uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) that randomly chooses from a 52 card deck on every single hand. Cards are not fixed to keep the players playing and cards are certainly not fixed to build bigger pots.

Poker Myth #2 – Poker is a man’s game

The world of poker has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated environment. Today, women are reaching the upper echelons of poker. One of the world’s best players, Jennifer Harman, is a regular winner in the world’s biggest cash game against the likes of Chip Reese and Phil Ivey. There are more and more women – amateurs and professionals alike – playing these days.

Poker Myth #3 – Poker is all about bluffing!

Psst! Again, no, it’s not! That’s one of the biggest mistake beginners make when they start out in poker. And, just so you know, bluffing is not something that can only be done offline. Bluffing is an integral part of poker, an essential tool that should be used from time to time, making it much more effective!

Poker Myth #4 – Winning at Poker is all about reading your opponents.

Reading the table will improve your odds, still, it isn’t the only way to win the game. You cannot read your opponents at online poker rooms, you don’t see nor hear them, you can’t read their body language and yet you can win at online poker. If you know your poker strategy and can adjust according to the players you face at the table you can win at online poker (and live poker as well) even without reading your opponents.

Poker Myth #5 – Poker Face 🙂

This phrase has inspired many songs and impressions over the decades, and it’s probably the longest standing myth on the list. People commonly believe you need a poker face to win. The arrival of online poker has pushed this misconception into oblivion. You can play online poker tournaments with some of the best players in your pyjamas while goofing around and not have a poker face at all.

Poker Myth #6 – You need to be good at math in order to win at Poker

There’s an assumption that good poker players are geniuses, capable of solving complex equations in their heads before making any decision while playing, thus winning more. You don’t need to be a genius to know when to bet, raise or fold. Apart from some pot odds (which are very easy to calculate) and some all-in situations, there is basically no other math’s involved in poker. Math’s shouldn’t be an important factor in your game. Don’t overthink things, if you are good enough your gut feeling will tell you what to do!

Poker Myth #7 – Only the pros win the tournaments!

This is a myth that has been totally busted in the recent years. Many underdogs, with no previous background in poker, have won world tournaments and shocked the entire poker community. These days, more and more amateur players with basic poker skills are becoming lakhpati’s overnight virtually. If they can do it, so can you!

Poker Myth #8 – Poker = Gambling!

Unfortunately, like all other games that involve placing monetary bets, poker is frowned upon. Many people associate it with gambling, where you have to put your faith in luck. This is mainly due to ignorance towards the game. Poker and gambling are considered to be synonymous. Yes, poker is a game and, yes, you can gamble on it. But you can also gamble on Monopoly, Ludo, or even a coin toss. But for us who know better, poker is a science, an art and a beautifully strategic and psychological game.

Poker Myth #9 – All poker pros are millionaires living glamorous lifestyles

 Not all poker pros are millionaire’s and not all of them live the exciting lifestyle you think about. There are times when these pros catch a losing streak and lose almost their entire bankroll, forcing them to build all over again, and the ability to get up after these losses is what makes them pros.

Poker Myth #10 – Poker is an easy game!

Last, but not the least! Let’s clear this confusion, poker is an easy game to learn but impossible to master. “Poker is the hardest way to make an easy living”. Rightly said, winning a streak doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a pro now but it gives you the much-needed confidence. The important part is keeping your cool after that streak is over, to get back on the wagon and beat the odds again and again!

These myths have widely been busted now and more and more people are joining band online! In conclusion, place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

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