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Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 07 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Oct, 2023

Exclusive: Deltatech Gaming’s CMO Sheds Light On Poker, Tech, GST And More

As thriving as the real money gaming is, there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes. When it comes to poker, live or online, both are equally challenging for the players and operators. There is no place for offerings which don’t match expectations, and to deliver excellence on every turn, any real money gaming brand will have to ensure what they do is best in class. 

Be it live poker series or tournaments online, there is a lot of planning, strategising and impeccable execution that is undertaken. To get more insights into the process of planning, marketing, tech and more we spoke to Joydeep Mukherjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Deltatech Gaming. 

Excerpts from the interview…

How was the experience of hosting the last Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) in July 2023. Any key learnings you would like to share?

Each new iteration of our event has been an incredible journey of growth, learning, and excitement. We believe in constantly evolving and innovating to provide our participants with fresh and memorable experiences.

One of the key strategies that has really invigorated our event is the introduction of new variants of the game. This not only added an element of surprise and challenge for our regular participants but also made poker more accessible to newcomers. 

These new variants opened the road for more people to engage, learn, and fall in love with the game, and it’s been amazing to witness the growing enthusiasm year after year, especially with record participation coming in this year.

Another remarkable aspect of our event was the ‘Ladies Night.’ We introduced this segment to showcase and celebrate the incredible poker skills of women in the industry. It’s been inspiring to see how this initiative has empowered and encouraged women to actively participate and excel in the world of poker. The talent we’ve witnessed in these events has been awe-inspiring.

This edition of the DPT was organised in the month of July, which is the peak monsoon season here in Goa. The monsoons in Goa, while incredibly beautiful, pose numerous logistical challenges for an event of this magnitude. 

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However, our team’s commitment, meticulous planning, and execution expertise ensured that the event went off without a hitch. It was a testament to our dedication and passion to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for our participants, even in challenging conditions.

Each new edition of our event is a reflection of our commitment to growth and the pursuit of excellence. We look forward to continuing to learn, innovate, and provide the best possible poker experience for our participants in the years to come.

How crucial are live poker events in the overall scheme of product offerings from Deltatech Gaming?

Adda52 takes pride in being the sole platform offering both online and offline poker experiences. Our live poker events, like the renowned Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), serve as the cornerstone of our engagement with the poker community.

By uniting poker enthusiasts, fans, and players from across India and Southeast Asia, these tournaments not only kindle a profound sense of community but also fuel unparalleled excitement and competition. In fact, they stand as the indisputable catalysts in fostering a dynamic poker ecosystem, a testament to our commitment to elevating the poker industry to unprecedented heights.

These live tournaments and events are also not just an ancillary element of our product offering but are a fundamental pillar of our strategy. They contribute significantly to our brand growth, player engagement, and innovation, all of which are central to our mission of providing exceptional poker experiences.

Coming to the marketing campaigns for live and online tournaments, how does the brand go about these efforts?

Our marketing strategy for promoting our poker events at Adda52 is centred around our unique selling proposition – providing a comprehensive poker experience. This sets us apart in the market as the only platform that seamlessly blends both online and offline poker, making us the frontrunners in the industry.

Firstly, we’ve leveraged the immense popularity of our Adda52 app, which has garnered over 4.5 Million downloads. This extensive user base not only attests to the trust and reliability that our platform offers but also provides us with a ready audience who are already familiar with our online poker offerings.

What’s truly remarkable is the enthusiasm we’ve witnessed from our online players who are eager to be part of our prestigious live events. This excitement is across both new players looking to experience the thrill for the first time, as well as our existing players who recognize the unique value we bring to the table.

Our marketing campaigns are meticulously designed to convey the essence of these events as not just tournaments but as premium and immersive experiences. We want people to know that attending our events means being part of a richer, more vibrant poker world, one that goes beyond the game itself.

Our aim is to live up to our promise of offering not just the thrill of the game but an entire lifestyle experience. We want our players to become an integral part of our thriving community, one where they can share their passion for poker, create lasting memories, and build connections with like-minded individuals. In essence, our marketing efforts revolve around making our events a holistic and enticing journey that transcends the poker table.

What about the role played by experiential campaigns to establish a strong brand recall and consumer base?

DPT is not just a poker tournament; it’s a lifestyle event designed for poker enthusiasts and players alike. In our campaigns, we’ve emphasised that the onus and glory of DPT do not solely lie in winning. 

Instead, we’ve focused on the holistic experience it offers—immersing oneself in the world of poker, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, and embracing the excitement and camaraderie that comes with it.

One of our key messaging points has been the accessibility of DPT. We’ve emphasised that this event is open to everyone, breaking the stereotype that poker was once only accessible to the affluent few. This inclusivity aligns perfectly with the growing popularity of the game in our country. 

By showcasing DPT as an event for all, we’ve not only democratised poker but also celebrated the fact that poker is now accessible and enjoyed by a diverse range of players.

In essence, our experiential campaigns for DPT have conveyed a powerful message: poker is no longer an exclusive game. It’s an inclusive celebration of skill, strategy, and camaraderie. 

This approach has resonated with our audience, establishing a strong brand recall and building a vibrant and diverse consumer base that continues to grow.

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How much of an impact do celebrity endorsers have on campaigns?

Celebrity endorsements have indeed made a significant impact on the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), and this association has been incredibly valuable for our brand. Poker, as we know, is a game of skill. 

By having celebrities endorse DPT, we’ve effectively conveyed that poker is not merely a game of chance but a game that requires strategy, intelligence, and skill. Celebrities, with their public image and reputation for excellence, naturally align with the brand by showcasing their prowess in the game. This association helps break the myth that poker is purely luck-based and emphasises its skill aspect.

Our ‘Poker Night with Stars’ property has been a massive hit among our digital audience base. This unique concept allows fans to witness their favourite celebrities play, strategize, and enjoy poker. It’s more than just a game; it’s an experience. 

Celebrities bring their charisma and fan base to our platform, which not only boosts our digital presence but also makes poker relatable and exciting for a wider audience. With celebrities like David Warner, Dinesh Karthik, Kieron Pollard, and Ali Fazal to name a few, this has been a game-changer in engaging our digital audience and fostering a deeper connection between celebrities and poker enthusiasts.

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Celebrity endorsements naturally bring a lot of visibility to our brand. When well-known personalities engage with DPT, it creates buzz and generates interest not just in the poker community but also among their fan base. 

When fans see their favourite stars actively participating and endorsing our events, it sends a powerful message that poker is a game worth exploring and enjoying. This increased visibility translates into higher participation and a broader reach for our events.

Coming to tech, how leveraging tech in the gaming industry is helping gaming brands?

The influence of technology in the gaming industry is nothing short of transformative, and it has revolutionised the way we engage with games and interact with players. It is also absolutely essential when millions of people are playing games simultaneously. 

The gaming industry relies on robust technological infrastructure to create seamless multiplayer experiences. Whether it’s a massive online multiplayer game or a digital poker platform like ours, technology is the backbone that ensures smooth gameplay and connectivity.

The evolution of 5G technology has also been a game-changer for the gaming industry. In games like poker, where even the slightest latency can affect gameplay, 5G’s lower latency has been a boon. It has significantly reduced delays, ensuring that actions in the game happen in real time.

Technology has enabled us to leverage consumer data effectively. We use data-driven insights to personalise the gaming experience for our users. Machine learning algorithms process vast amounts of data in microseconds to create custom prompts and messaging. This personalization helps players engage with the game better, making it more enjoyable and tailored to their preferences.

As the frontrunners in the field of gaming, we are heavily investing in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies. These immersive technologies offer players an entirely new level of experience; whether it’s creating lifelike casino environments for poker or enhancing storytelling in other games. 

Needless to say, technology has not only improved the technical aspects of gaming but has also enhanced the overall player experience, making it more engaging, dynamic, and enjoyable for players.

How is Adda52 contributing to the gaming economy with its both offline and online events such as Deltin Poker Tournament, Adda52 Champion League, Fly To Vegas, and others?

Adda52 has played a significant role in contributing to the gaming economy through a strategic combination of both offline and online events. Our initiatives like DPT, Adda52 Champions League, and various others have not only elevated the gaming ecosystem but have also fostered growth in multiple dimensions. Our offline events like DPT have been instrumental in driving economic growth. 

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These tournaments attract players and enthusiasts from across the country and the world, leading to increased tourism, hospitality, and local business activity in the host cities. These events create a ripple effect, benefitting various sectors of the economy.

Poker is a game of skill, strategy, and decision-making. Our events provide a platform for players to hone their skills and compete at the highest level. 

This encourages players to invest time and effort in mastering the game, leading to the development of a skilled workforce with analytical and strategic thinking capabilities.

Adda52’s strategic approach of combining both offline and online events has had a profound and positive impact on the gaming economy. 

These initiatives have not only contributed to economic growth and employment opportunities but have also fostered skill development, promoted local businesses, and driven innovation within the gaming sector. We are proud to be a driving force in the growth and development of the gaming economy in India.

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Does the 28% GST levied on online gaming impact the marketing efforts of the brand? Will we see more live events planned with the uncertainty around online poker right now?

The government’s decision to impose a 28% GST on skill-based games is a concerning development, and it has implications for both the industry and the players involved.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that we’ve been striving to make skill-based games more socially acceptable and mainstream. The decision to impose a 28% GST feels like a setback to these efforts. 

We believe that skill-based games like poker are more about strategy and intellect rather than chance, and we’ve been working diligently to convey this message.

The impact of this decision on players cannot be understated. In games like poker, winnings are often carried forward to the next game. The imposition of a 28% GST could lead to players having lesser amounts to play with, which may affect their overall experience and participation.

Furthermore, there is a concern that this decision may drive players towards offshore platforms where such high taxation isn’t applicable. In the long run, this could be detrimental not only to gaming companies but also to the government, as it may result in a loss of revenue that could have been retained within the country.

As a company, we will closely monitor how our players respond to this decision. We are committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, and we will adapt to the changing landscape as necessary. 

However, it’s essential to recognize that such a high GST rate could have unintended consequences and may hinder the growth of the skill-based gaming industry in India. We hope that there can be a productive dialogue between the industry and the government to find a solution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Finally, what are some trends you see in online gaming with respect to marketing tournaments and promotions?

In recent times, there have been several noteworthy trends in online gaming, particularly concerning marketing tournaments and promotions. Firstly, there’s a clear and encouraging shift in the demographics of gaming enthusiasts. 

While poker and similar games demand significant skills, interest levels are on the rise, reflecting the universal appeal of these games. Moreover, it’s fascinating to see older generations actively participating in events like the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT). This clearly indicates that poker and skill-based gaming are not limited to younger players. The game’s strategic nature and the social experience it offers have attracted a diverse range of players, debunking the myth that poker is only for the younger generation.

Another particularly encouraging trend is the increased participation of women in online gaming tournaments. This is a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity within the gaming community. Women are showcasing astute strategic skills and competing at the highest levels, challenging stereotypes and making a mark in the industry.

In addition to the evolving player demographics, the introduction of new variations in the game has been a significant trend. Much like cricket’s evolution with formats like T20, we are infusing new excitement and engagement into poker by introducing fresh variants. These variations not only appeal to existing players but also attract new enthusiasts, making the game more dynamic and interesting.

Anything new and exciting we can expect on either the live or online gaming front in the next few months?

At Adda52, our ongoing mission is to infuse the gaming landscape with a continuous stream of innovative and exhilarating experiences. Presently, we’re engaged in preparations for upcoming offline tournaments and elevating the features and offerings within our platform. Our aim is to ensure that poker enthusiasts, players, and fans are consistently captivated and engaged, maintaining a high level of excitement within our gaming community.

Coming to DPT, the brand announced its 15th edition at Deltin Royale from 11th to 16th October 2023. The much awaited poker series will see the who’s who of Indian poker mark attendance and ship top titles. 

Deltatech Gaming’s top boss also commented on the upcoming edition of DPT. Mukherjee said, “The convergence of poker, entertainment, and luxury at the Deltin Poker Tournament’s 15th edition is set to create ripples in the gaming world. We are thrilled to be bringing forth this prestigious event that reflects our mission to offer players not just a game but an immersive gaming journey. This celebration promises to be a remarkable chapter in the Indian poker story.”

How the upcoming poker tournament series unfolds, is something everyone in the Indian poker circuit will keep an eye on. Will it break previous records? Only time will tell. 

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