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GS Admin
Posted on 17 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 17 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 17 Jan, 2018

Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Learn Online Poker Etiquette

For all those who take the game seriously, Poker is no less than a war. But unlike war, Poker is built on certain rules, regulations, etiquettes and norms of behaviour. Regardless of what position you are in the game, there are things that you should not do at a poker table. But does that still stand when you are playing online? Since there is no face to face interaction, some players think it is okay to leave behind the ‘gentlemanly’ demeanour that they would otherwise wear. However, this is an incorrect and rude gesture on their part. Just because you are not physically present doesn’t mean you ought not to follow the etiquettes of Poker. Here are some norms you should know and follow in Poker:

Have a good internet connection:

Apart from being a basic pre-requisite for playing online, having a good internet connection is crucial to keep everyone at the table calm. Most online poker rooms give you a certain time limit to reconnect while playing. But ask yourself, how would you feel if someone took a ridiculously long time to make a simple check?  Apart from being a time waster, you will also come across as the douchebag who doesn’t even have a stable internet connection.

Avoid chatting or spamming:                     

Just because the people who are playing against you cannot physically punch you, doesn’t mean you have the liberty to go about calling them names. Your opponents are humans too. Don’t abuse them just because you can. It serves no purpose in your game. You might even get kicked out of the session if you get reported. Abusing simply spoils the environment of a good game and makes everyone hate you.

Slow-rolling is uncool:

Slow-rolling in simple terms means taking too long. Ever come across players who take too long to raise or go all-in even when they know they have a strong hand just to give other players some hope? Yeah, don’t be that person. No one might say anything to you, but all your opponents have already slapped you 10 times in their head. It might seem smart in your head, but for others, it is just plain annoying.

Don’t ask, don’t tell:

This is something you ought to do for the greater good. Never discuss what you just folded with the people around you. This will ensure that they know at least a few of the cards that will not appear after this. This makes the game unfair. Avoid being the party pooper who spoils the game for everyone else.

Don’t cheat:

This one is sort of obvious. Online Poker, like all the other online games, has been under the attack from cheaters. There are a number of methods ranging from ghosting to multi-accounting that enable players to cheat while playing online. Don’t do this. Not only will you ruin the game, but you will also increase mistrust in the players and audience base. Cheating is simply poisoning the game.

Etiquettes are important as they are the spirit of the game and upholding them is in each individuals’ hands. Have you learnt any other online poker etiquettes that we might have missed out on? If you do, then feel free to let us know them in the comments section.

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