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Posted on 27 Oct, 2018
By GS Admin
On 27 Oct, 2018
By GS Admin
On 27 Oct, 2018

‘Crazy11’ scores a win in Triple Bubble

It’s always nice to get paid even when you’re on the wrong side of a hand and that’s the thought is prevalent in The Spartan Poker’s Triple Bubble tournament. Here, aside from the traditional money bubble, there are two additional ‘bubbles’ created which pay out the player who falls just short of the money, the player who busts outside the final table and the ultimate bubble if you will, that of the second place finisher. All these three players do get rewarded for their ‘so-close-yet-so-far’ finishing position.

Money bubble gets back his or her original buy-in of INR 3,300. FT bubble gets a ticket into Spartan monthly signature tournament ‘The Millionaire’ which boasts a 1 Crore guaranteed prizepool while the title bubble gets a Millionaire ticket AND a ticket into the Two of a Kind (2.o.K), another innovative Spartan tourney which assures a payday of 15 Lakhs each to the top two finishers!

But let’s not forget that everyone is after playing for the win and in last night’s Triple Bubble it was ‘Crazy11’ who was Numero Uno taking down the title and biggest share of the guaranteed 7.5 Lakhs prizepool.

Kicking off at 9:00 pm on Friday night, 109 entries ponied up the buy-in and 15 of those would get paid out. In 16th place was the first bubble winner ‘karanmangla’ who got back INR 3,300 making it a free ride for him given that he only made the one buy-in into this re-entry tournament. 9th place finishers and FT bubble was Akshay Nasa a.k.a ‘sherlock52’ who got that Millionaire ticket in addition to an INR 19,500 payday. Its been a good week for Nasa who, on Wednesday, as part of the winning Pune Kings team captured the Season 3 title at the Match IPL. 

Last but not the least was ‘Bhee’ who,despite being shortstacked at the start of headsup, gave a long and hard fight to Crazy11 for the title. Holding (9h Tc) Bhee decided to raise it up preflop and promptly moved his stack into the middle on a flop of 5c 2c Th ith top pair. Unfortunately for him, his opponent Crazy11 held a far superior kicker in Ts Kc and snapcalled. Bricks on the turn and river for the short stack and he would have to be satisfied with the runner-up prize of INR 1,32,000 while Crazy11 banked a sweet INR 1,91,625 for the win. A quick mention also of another consistent performer in Arjanveer Chadha a.k.a ‘instrumental’ who took third place in this tournament for INR 86,625.

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