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Team Gutshot
Posted on 20 Dec, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 20 Dec, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 20 Dec, 2018

CoinPoker offers 1M CHP to find bugs in code

CoinPoker is an online poker platform that uses blockchain technology to facilitate playing poker on their site. They boast a revolutionary platform that uses cryptocurrency for all its deposits, withdrawals and bets. They also come up with new features and promotions delivered to the community on a regular basis. They also had plans to join hands with one of the giants of Asian poker scene, Asian Poker Tour (APT), but unfortunately that didn’t come to fruition due to various reasons.

Players from around the world can access their desktop client, including India. They even have mobile presence with their android and iPhone apps. Some of their past tournament prizes include a Tesla car, hundreds in ETH (Ethereum) and 10 million CHP.

In a first in the industry, CoinPoker has decided to make its Random Number Generator (RNG) protocol open-source this week. They are even giving away 1 million of their CHP currency to anyone who can find bugs in their code. “An open invitation to software experts and cryptography enthusiasts. Find a bug in the system that renders the shuffler unfair and the money is yours.” CoinPoker has announced.

Mike Segal, a cryptography expert and CoinPoker advisor, explained their novel approach to counter the problem, saying, “CoinPoker’s new random number generation protocol is designed to enable end-users to automatically verify the fairness of the platform’s shuffling algorithm. Under this protocol, each user’s computer becomes an active participant in the shuffling process, contributing to the randomness and then verifying computationally that their contribution was used by the server.”

Here’s CoinPoker’s YouTube video explaining their transparent shuffling technique in-depth:

Online poker websites have traditionally been secretive about their shuffling algorithms, for security reasons. But CoinPoker being built on blockchain technology, they are able to offer decentralized RNG to their community.

Along with this, CoinPoker has also added a fun feature to their site called the CoinPoker Hand Hindsight, where players can view undealt cards from previous hands. This is the first time any other real-money is offering this kind of service.

CoinPoker states that “Other online poker operators who wish to follow CoinPoker’s leadership in this area are welcome to contact CoinPoker by email to info@coinpoker.com.” With this news, CoinPoker paves the way to create the worldwide poker community a safer and fair environment.

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