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GS Admin
Posted on 12 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 12 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 12 Jan, 2018

Check Out What’s in ‘Store’ at Khelo365.com

It’s a New Year finally; we keep hearing many talks about fresh starts and revamps but not many walk the talk. Only a handful of them do what they promised. Khelo365.com, the go-to site for Poker enthusiasts in India had been teasing us about introducing a new feature for some time and we were wondering what really was in store? Turns out that it really was the ‘STORE’.

Khelo365.com, one of the most happening Indian Poker sites today announced the launch of its online store. This is a giant step for the company which prides itself on offering a unique one-of-a-kind poker games in India. At a time when poker is getting mainstream attention in the media, the company has tried to expand its wings with this feature.

Anyone familiar with Khelo365 would know that they host some of the raunchiest poker promotions in the whole Poker Industry. Be it their all-expense-paid trips to exotic destinations or their exorbitant giveaways, they have set the bar high. With the Khelo365 store, they are taking a giant leap and they are confident that this new feature will resonate big-time with their audiences.

Khelo365 Store is available to all players where the players can trade in their accumulated Khelo365 Coins for some of the gorgeous offerings that you’ll ever see from a poker site. Players can collect Khelo365 coins by generating loyalty points. The conversion of points to coins works as follows:

  • Khelo365 coins can be obtained by playing cash games, Sit&Gos and tournaments.
  • For every 3,000 points a player generates, 100 Khelo365 coins will be credited
  • Players can check their earned coins by checking their ‘My account’ page, ‘Home’ page and ‘Khelo365 Store’ page.

When we check the items on display at Khelo365 store, it was clear that the company means serious business. As they are in their nascent stages when it comes to online poker store, they have started with a few rewards – package tours to Pattaya, Bangkok and gadgets like iPhone X.

Package tours are divided into 3 types based on the number of the coins that they have generated – Economy, Standard, and Elite packages. The company informed that they have plans to expand the store in the forthcoming days and come up with a wide array of products. Be it the casual players playing for fun to serious grinders who play the game as a profession, the company vows to fill the store with lots of stuffs that appeals to everyone.

At the moment though, the prospect of packing our bags for a free vacation to these destinations looks enticing enough for us to reach out to Khelo365 for some poker action.

To take your shot at the spectacular gifts on display, visit Khelo365.com now and start playing their cash games, Sit&Go’s and tournaments. They say fortune favors the brave, so why not head out and give your best shot? The more you play, the better are your chances to get rich rewards. It`s not just about the cash anymore in poker, as offers like these prove that there’s more in poker than what meets eye.

It’s a great opportunity for the really famished poker sharks or even budding players to try their luck and see where it lands them. Needless to say, Khelo365 is one site that can always be banked upon to come up with unique promotions and offers. Stay connected for exciting updates about the latest offerings and promotions from Khelo365.com.

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