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Category: WPT Team NLH


15 Apr, 2023 Rajesh Rajpopat And Nikhil Jalan Win The Teams NLH Freezeout Event

LEVEL: 20, BLINDS: 10,000/15,000, ANTE 15,000 Clinton Tavares and Pratyush Ladha shoved their stack of 27K all-in preflop with snowmen. Rajesh Rajpopat and Nikhil Jalan called from the button holding the Big Slick. The board of Q  7 ♣ A K 2 ♠ gave Rajpopat-Jalan their winning two pairs ...


15 Apr, 2023 Navneet Anantharaman and Prateek Uppal Exit At The Sixth Spot

Navneet Anantharaman and Prateek Uppal shoved all-in with 45K chips. Rajesh Rajpopat and Nikhil Jalan called with pocket sixes. Anantharaman-Uppal flipped a K6. The board showed 2 ♦ 6 ♦ T  J ♣ Q ♠. Rajpopat-Jalan shipped the event with three-of-a-kind, while Anantharaman-Uppal succumber...


15 Apr, 2023 Rohit – Stalion Out Of The Teams NLH Race!

Level 20, Blinds: 10K/15K, Ante 15K The team of Rohit Chauhan and Stalion Manoharan (7 ♦ 9  ) locked horns with Clinton Tavares and Pratyush who had Ad ♦ Kc ♣. The community cards read:  A ♠ J ♣ 6 ♣ 4  5 ♦ . This gave Clinton – Pratyush a reason to smile as they survived while their opp...


15 Apr, 2023 Clinton – Pratyush Sail Through, While Abhishek-Sandeep Sink

LEVEL 19, BLINDS: 6K/12K, ANTE 12K The pair of Abhishek and Sandeep decided to go all-in with their remaining tournament life of 31K holding Q T ♠ from UTG. The rival pair consisting of Clinton Tavares and Pratyush made the call from the middle position with A6s. The dealer fanned out a...


15 Apr, 2023 Rajeev Sachdeva and Siddharth Jolly Walk Towards The Exit Door

The players at the cut-off shoved all-in with A  Q ♦ . Rajeev Sachdeva and Siddharth Jolly from the button made an all-in call with their 30,000 chips holding pocket queens. The board fanned out as 3 ♣ 5 ♣ 3 ♠ A ♠ 9  . The players in the cut-off won the hand with two pairs.  Cut-off: A ...


15 Apr, 2023 First Casualty On The Final Table

LEVEL: 15, BLINDS: 3,000/5,000, ANTE 5,000 Nikhil Jalan and Rajesh Rajpopat sat with K 9 , while Aditya Sareen and Shane Hodges shoved all-in with 23K chips with A  9  . The board brought 7 ♠ 6 ♠ 5 J Q , completing Jalan-Rajpopat’s flush. Sareen-Hodges proved out to be the first casualt...


14 Apr, 2023 Final Table Of The WPT Prime India 2023 Teams NLH Freezeout Is Set!

LEVEL: 16, BLINDS: 3,000/6,000, ANTE 6,000 The final table of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime India 2023 Teams NLH Freezeout is all set with the final nine teams locking horns for the top spot. More details about the teams to follow, so stay tuned.  Harsh Tanna and Niyut Shah 61K Rajes...


14 Apr, 2023 Aces Went Down The Flush!

LEVEL 13, BLINDS: 3K/6K, ANTE 6K It sure hurts when the mighty fall and this hand in the Teams NLH Freezeout sees aces being cracked. Want to know what happened? Just keep reading. Loveleen Singh along with Ranjit Negi held AAo while their rivals (Stalin Manoharan – Rohit) had J9c. Pref...


14 Apr, 2023 15 Teams Remaining In Teams NLH Freezeout

LEVEL: 12, BLINDS: 1,500/2,500, ANTE 2,500 The field is now down to the final 15 teams. The top six teams will secure a spot in the money, with the team winning the event taking home a handsome ₹4,58,000. 


14 Apr, 2023 Final Prize Pool Announced!

LEVEL: 8, BLINDS: 500/1,000, ANTE 1,000 The final prize pool and payouts for the Teams NLH Freezeout has finally been announced. The event has a final prize pool of ₹11,73,900. The top six teams will take home their share from the prize pool. The event saw a total of 43 teams participat...

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