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Category: WPT Main Event

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Prasit Chowdhury Champions The WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event

Kolkata-based Prasit Chowdhury has nailed the most coveted WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event. From a total of 857 entries who had their eyes on the WPT India 2023 Main Event title, Chowdhury turned his dream into reality after beating Amit Tejura in the heads-up.  He took home the envy-wo...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Stacks Almost Even

The Main Event heads-up is turning out to be an intense and nail-biting one. Although Prasit Chowdhury started the heads-up with a hefty lead, Amit Tejura has managed to put up a good fight and steal chips from his opponent. So much that the stacks are almost even now on the table, than...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Heads-up Begins

The heads-up battle was set with the elimination of Kiran Bondu. The players went on a short break and have returned to lock horns and #UnflodGlory by winning the prestigious WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event title. Prasit Chowdhury is currently leading the heads-up with 16.2 M, while Ami...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Kiran Departs At The Third Spot

After losing a considerable pot in the previous hand, Kiran Bondu was left with just 1000K, which he pushed from the big blind. He was called by Amit Tejura, who had Tc 8h. Bondu flipped Ts 4d and the board brought 4s 8d 7d Td Jc. Bondu ended his deep run by taking the second […]

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Siddharth Bows Out At 4th 

Siddharth Jolly shoved all-in from the small blind with Dimes. Amit Tejura with his A 6 flopped two pairs on the board of Ad 6c Kh 2d 9d. Jolly had a not-so-jolly exit from the Main Event at the fourth place for ₹31,80,000. Jolly: Tx Tx Tejura: A 6 Board: A 6 K 2 9 […]

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Abhinav Out At The Fifth Place

Soon after the players returned from the break, it was Abhinav Iyer’s time to bid adieu to the WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event dream.  After losing a considerable pot before the break, Iyer returned to the table as the shortest stack. Kiran Bondu (A 8) raised the blinds to 500K from the...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 FT Is Down To The Final Five

We have the final five remaining at the FT, with Kiran Bondu leading the table. The other four on the table are  Amit Tejura, Abhinav Iyer, Prasit Chowdhury, and Siddharth Jolly.  Currently, the players are on a break. Prior to the break, Tejura doubled up through Iyer, which left the W...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Deepak Singh Out At The 7th Spot

Deepak Singh shoved all-in from the hijack with K T. He found callers in heavily stacked Prasit Chowdhury in cut-off and Siddharth Jolly at the button. Chowdhury flipped K J, while Jolly showed QQ. The board revealed 5 3 6 J 8 ending Singh’s tournament life at the Main Event. Singh, who...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Sudheer Chowdary Eliminated In The 6th Place 

Abhinav Iyer raised to 500,000 from UTG Sudheer Chowdary shoved all-in from the big blind for 1,500,000, and was called by Iyer. Although we couldn’t get the details of the hand, we know the board did not favour Chowdary, and he was eliminted at the sixth spot. Choedury cashed ₹18...

WPT Main Event

17 Apr, 2023 Jaydeep Dawer Shown The Exit At The 8th Spot

Sudheer Chowdary raised to 350,000 and found a jam of approximately 2,000,000 from Jaydeep Dawer in the big blind. Chowdhury called to reveal pocket sevens and Dawer showed A Q. The board of K 5 3 T 6  brought no relief to Dawer and he had to head to the exit door at the eighth […]

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