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Category: WPT Main Event

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Siddharth Siddharth’s Aces Cracked!

Siddharth Siddharth raised to 100,000 UTG only to be responded with a three-bet from  Deepak Singh in the big blind. Siddarth used up his remaining three time banks and shoved his 750,000 with Pocket Rockets. Singh flopped a set on the board of Q 5 J ♣ 2 ♠ 7 with Fish Hooks to crack Sid...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Anand Pallikona Finishes 16th

Anand Pallikona has finished at the 16th place in the WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event. He shoved his stack of 450K with KQ. Kiran Bondu with AQ succeeded on the 6K68A board. Pallikona cashed ₹4,50,000 for his 16th place finish. Pallikona: KQ Bondu: AQ Board: 6K68A

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Places Paid From 17th-20th

Last few payouts from 17th spot to 20th spot, with each of them taking home a prize of ₹3,70,000: 17th place – Yuvraj Singh 18th place – Gagandeep Singh Malik 19th place – Kabir Khattar 20th place – Mohit Kumar

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Gagandeep Malik And Yuvraj Singh Leave The ME Race

Gagadeep Malik and Yuvraj Singh have been eliminated from the ME race after running pretty deep. Malik took the 18th place while Singh finished 17th for ₹3,70,000 each. Malik’s AQ fell short against Soham Pal‘s snowmen on the board of T 5   J ♣ 7 9 ♣.  Pal: 88 Malik: AQ Board: T 5   J ♣...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Vivek Ends Kabir’s Journey At The Main Event

LEVEL 20, BLINDS: 20K/40K, ANTE 40K FTS 3.0 High Roller winner Vivek Singh marches ahead in the WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event (ME). The poker pro has knocked out a player as he aims to make it to the final table. Let us take a look at how this bust out hand unfolded.  Preflop action s...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Prizes Keep Getting Bigger

Recent eliminations from 21st to 24th spots all take away a prize of ₹3,10,000: 21st place – Tanuj Moorjani 22nd place – Vivek Rughani 23rd place – Gautam Sachdeva 24th place – Harsh Bubna

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Jaydeep Knocking Players Out

One of the popular names in the Indian poker circuit, Jaydeep Dawer has knocked out two players in the WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event. The first casualty at the hands of Dawer was Vivek Rughani (22nd for ₹3,10,000) and the next player to exit was Mohit Kumar. Dawer is making sure the f...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Payouts – 25th to 32nd Positions

We have official confirmation of those who busted the WPT India Main Event 2023 in spots 25th to 32nd, and each of them have won prizes of ₹2,64,000. Last lady standing in the tournament and winner of yesterday’s WPT India Ladies Event, Kanchan Sharma exited the tournament, a few spots ...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Triton Poker Player Santhosh Suvarna In The House

Indian-origin player who is often seen at some of the most elite poker series across the globe has entered the casino floor. We can likely expect him to play the High Roller today or tomorrow.  He was most recently seen grinding at the Triton Poker Vietnam 2023 series, wherein he was th...

WPT Main Event

16 Apr, 2023 Doctor Singh Drowns Somashekar In ME

LEVEL 21, BLINDS 15K/254K, ANTE 25K Yuvraj Singh (A   J   ) of Doctor Couple fame, raises 50K preflop which results in online and live poker reg, Somashekar KM (A ♣ T ♣) jamming his stack from UTG. The dealer fans out a board of A ♠ 6 ♣ K 3 ♣ 9 ♠. These community cards kept Singh ahead ...

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