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Bikini Babe Destiny Winner Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 24 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 24 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 24 Jan, 2018

‘Bikini Babe’ is third Destiny 4.0 winner on Spartan

TheSpartanPoker’s weekly featured tournament Destiny is on the fourth edition where last night saw the third-week winner in ‘Bikini Babe’ qualifying for the Destiny SnG Finale. The finale is scheduled on 18 March at 6:30 pm where along with ‘Bikini Babe,’ ‘mrgr33n’ and ‘randomuncle’, seven additional qualifiers will be against each other to claim the 10L Destiny SnG Finale.

As mentioned earlier, it was ‘Bikini Babe’ who claimed the Destiny title last night for INR 5,62,500 and a ticket to above Destiny SnG Finale worth INR 1 Lakh. ‘Bikini Babe’ outlasted 445 entries in the tournament and ‘bullzeye’ in the heads-up battle.

The final hand of the tournament concluded in the Level #46 with blinds running 27,000-54,000-6,750 where ‘Bikini Babe’ had 4,799,048 in chips and ‘bullzeye’ had 1,875,952 in chips. In this hand, ‘Bikini Babe’ was holding Ah 4c and ‘bullzeye’ had Kh 7d. Both the heads-up opponents had a raise and re-raise match where the showdown saw 3h 5s 4h 9h 3d. the showdown gave two pairs, Fours and Threes to ‘Bikini Babe’ and also the title.

Final Table Results:

1. Bikini Babe – INR 562500 + Destiny SnG Finale Ticket

2. bullzeye – INR 412500

3. IMUNAGI – INR 250000

4. neo888 – INR 157500

5. hkhurana – INR 112500

6. baliyan90 – INR 87500

7. gmtesting – INR 72500

8. bajajinga – INR 60000

We will bring you these Destiny tournament results every Thursday along other stories from India and around the world so stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine for your daily poker dose.

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