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Big Daddy Mayank Jaggi wins trip to Goa Poker
Posted on 18 Jun, 2018
By Gutshot
On 18 Jun, 2018
By Gutshot
On 18 Jun, 2018

Big Daddy: Mayank Jaggi wins trip to Goa

A week ago, the Spartan Super Series kicked off, a 7-day tournament series on The Spartan Poker which promised over INR 4 crore in guaranteed prizes along with INR 15 lakh in SSS Leaderboard prizes. The Big Daddy tournament is a weekly tournament that takes places every Sunday and yesterday’s Big Daddy tournament was a part of the SSS.

4 pm every Sunday is when this INR 10 lakh GTD tournament takes place, and the winner not only takes away his tournament winnings, but also an INR 30k package trip to Goa’s Big Daddy Casino. Yesterday’s tournament lasted a little bit over 6 hours and it was the popular Mayank Jaggi who walked away with the top prize.

Jaggi plays under the name ‘alwayslimpAA’ on The Spartan Poker and this isn’t the first time he’s won a major poker title online. He beat 453 players and a total of 964 entries to claim the title, beating ‘petbot’ and taking home INR 1,91,900 in tournament winnings. Jaggi can soon also enjoy a nice little vacation in Goa, and probably win some more at the Big Daddy Casino!

Jaggi built nearly an 8:1 lead in heads-up against petbot before the final hand had arrived. The latter went all-in pre-flop and Jaggi called, with petbot striking a pair of threes and taking the lead post flop. However, a ten on the turn gave Jaggi a pair of tens, taking down that pot and claiming the title as well.

Gutshot had a word with Jaggi after this win. “It feels great shipping another big event on The Spartan Poker. Overall, a lot of good players were playing the tournament, so it’s good to win it,” he said.

We asked him to point out any key hands during the tournament. He said, “A couple of hands that I pushed and doubled up – especially when we were down to 4 people. I pushed KJ and got looked up by A8, and I hit my K on the river. That gave me chips to play with.” Regarding the trip he won himself, Jaggi said, “Goa has always been fun. I have missed the IPC, so it will be great to meet the old team in Goa. The Big Daddy tournament is a great initiative to invite people to Goa, giving them a chance to have a nice holiday as well as play poker…”

Final table results:

  1. alwayslimpAA – INR 1,91,900
  2. petbot – INR 1,20,400
  3. The Sitting Duck – INR 86,200
  4. thekid – INR 67,200
  5. Luckywinner – INR 52,700
  6. chilling – INR 41,400
  7. trickpoker – INR 30,900
  8. trailblazera – INR 21,400

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