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'Basket' wins SSS Mega Freeze on Spartan Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 11 Sep, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 11 Sep, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 11 Sep, 2018

‘Basket’ wins SSS Mega Freeze on Spartan

A total of five Spartan Super Series (SSS) tournaments were scheduled for yesterday on The Spartan Poker. A lot of excitement was in the air as Spartan promises INR 4+ crore GTD in this tournament series and yesterday was the opening day of the September edition of the SSS.

With three tournaments taking place earlier in the day, the biggest tournament was set to begin in SSS Event #4 Mega Freeze INR 7.5 Lakh GTD, a freezeout tournament which is one of Spartan’s daily featured tournaments. With a buy-in of INR 5,500, this freezeout tournament also featured a new, increased prize pool of INR 7.5 lakh.

Even the increased guarantee was beaten, with 191 entries creating a new prize pool of INR 9.55 lakh, which was eventually shared among the top 27 entries with a min-cash of INR 8,595. The best player on the day was ‘Basket’, who topped this field and went on to claim the top prize of INR 2,10,100, which was the biggest pay-out of the day on Spartan.

This big win also gave him enough of points to finish second on the SSS Leaderboard after Day 1, just 10 points short of ‘M@neyM@ker’, who shipped the second tournament earlier in the day. In this tournament, Basket beat ‘FreeFlow’ in heads-up, who finished second and took away a prize of INR 1,42,295.

The tournament ended in Level #40 when the blinds were up at 6,300/12,600 – 1,260. Basket had a 4:1 chip lead going into what became the final hand. He decided to go all-in pre-flop with 8c Qh and his opponent made the call with 8s As. FreeFlow was ahead until the flop opened 3c 8d 7s, but Qs on the turn gave Basket his second pair. Th opened on the turn and Basket won the title with Queens and Eights.

SSS Day 1 updated Leaderboard:

'Basket' wins SSS Mega Freeze on Spartan1


A whole week of action is coming your way on Spartan and you can get all updates on the ongoing SSS series only on GutshotMagazine.com.

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