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Aussie Millions: Snell wins Opening Event; Edwards triumphs PLO Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 10 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Jan, 2020

Aussie Millions: Snell wins Opening Event; Edwards triumphs PLO

“This is my first Aussie Millions event,” says Jo Snell after being crowned the latest Opening Event champion, receiving the prestigious ANTON Jewellery Championship Ring and boosting his poker bankroll by adding the winner’s prize money AUD 341,325! With a series of events lined up in and around the world of poker and the best-known players covering the distance to make the most of the new decade, the 2020 Aussie Millions kicked in on 4th Jan for a 21-day long series.

A busy day at Crown Resort Melbourne in Australia that concluded the seven-day long Opening Event that came with AUD 1 million GTD! The entire tournament registered a total number of 1,665 buy-ins and Snell outlasted this massive number after entering the day in the middle of the pack with 1,281,000 chips. However, the final day was led by Jonathan Karamalikis who bagged the chip lead with 14 players.

The native champion defeated Samuel Jefferies in heads-up to secure his career-best live cash! Boosting his total live earnings to over $366k, Snell had a pretty good start of live poker career, finishing 1st in the 2018 APT Main Event followed by another outstanding performance in 2018 APT Super High Roller. Recently, the champion also took down the 2019 WPTL Poker Open NLHE.

Snell expressed, “I wasn’t trying to pay jump or anything. When I got to the final table I was annoyed because I had a decent stack, with the two big stacks to my left. I was pretty handcuffed, so I really thought once the draw came out it was going to be really tough to do well.”

Final table payouts:

  1. Jo Snell – AUD 341,325
  2. Samuel Jeffries – AUD 210,775
  3. Jonathan Karamalikis – AUD 125,445
  4. Michael Egan – AUD 90,625
  5. Jungwoon An – AUD 61,450
  6. Ryan Henry – AUD 44,375
  7. Egor Bulychev – AUD 37,550
  8. Sohrab Rezvanpour – AUD 32,425
  9. Bo Jin – AUD 27,315
  10. Andrew Shanahan – AUD 20,825

Aussie Millions Event #3: AUD 1,150 PLO

The third event of the 2020 Aussie Millions was PLO which was dominated by Matthew Edwards, eventually being crowned the winner and adding $83,185 in prize money after outlasting a huge field of 349 entrants!

After finishing 3rd in 2019 Aussie Millions Opening Event and earning his career-best of $140,325, Matthew improved his total live earnings to $227,753. It took over five hours starting the final table to becoming the ultimate champion and the latest winner of an ANTON Jewellery Aussie Millions Championships ring after finally defeating Matthew Sheils in heads-up.

Final table payouts:

  1. Matthew Edwards – AUD 83,185
  2. Matthew Sheils – AUD 52,765
  3. Claudio Celenza – AUD 33,090
  4. Sherif Derias – AUD 25,935
  5. Ryan Hong – AUD 18,780
  6. Quan Zhou – AUD 15,205
  7. Martin Kozlov – AUD 11,985
  8. Mick Franky – AUD 10,195
  9. Michele Guzzardi – AUD 8,405

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