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Super High Roller APT Da Nang Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 23 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 23 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 23 Jul, 2023

APT Da Nang July 2023: Super High Roller Live Updates

Julian Warhurst Wins APT SHR For VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430)

Julian Warhurst Wins APT SHR For VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430) (2) Julian Warhurst Wins APT SHR For VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430) (2)

Congratulations are in order for the Australian poker player Julian Warhurst who won the APT Da Nang SHR title hook, line and sinker. This player takes home the biggest piece of the prize pool for his first place finish. A jubliant Warhurst was seen smiling as he posed alongside his rail after shipping this SHR event.


Satanan Jungrungreangkit out in 2nd for VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280)

Satanan Jungrungreangkit Is The Runner-Up For VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280)

Satanan Jungrungreangkit

Level 19, blinds 30K/60K, big blind ante

Satanan Jungrungreangkit journey comes to an end in the APT SHR as the runner-up. He lost a mega hand to his heads-up rival Julian Warhurst, and in the current hand, it was game over for the Thai player.

Jungrungreangkit played with T♦ 2♣ Warhurst had J♦ 7♦. The dealer revealed the flop of 3♦ 4♣ 9♥. Turn came as 8♣ and the river was 7♠. This gave the Australian 7-pair and he sealed the deal for his victory. Julian Warhurst is the new APT Da Nang 2023 SHR winner.

Shuffle Up And Deal – Day 2


Julian Warhurst and Satanan Jungrungreangkit

Level 18, blinds 25K/50K, big blind ante 50K

It was time for Day 2 of the APT SHR to resume. Today we will have a winner, as game was paused to concluded Day 1. The two heads-up rivals will battle it out for the top prize and a shiny new APT trophy.

Day 1 of APT Da Nang SHR Ends

18 levels of play concluded Day 1 of the APT Da Nang Super High Roller – 8 Max. Final two players Satanan Jungrungreangkit and Julian Warhurst have bagged for the day. Tomorrow the players will be back and we will have a new SHR champion.

Final Five Hands For The Day

Unless a player gets busted, the APT SHR will have last five hands played before, both heads-up rivals bag and tag to return tomorrow to finish the game and crown a new APT SHR winner. 

Joshua Mccully Eliminated In The 3rd Place

Joshua Mccully Has Been Eliminated in 3rd Place for VND 430,210,000 (~$18,180) (1)

Joshua Mccully

From the button position Joshua Mccully opened with 80,000 and Julian Warhurst did a 3-bet of 250,000. The action was back on Mccully who then shoved for around 850,000 chips. Warhurst quickly called with Dimes. Mccully kept his faith in A♦ 4♦. The board ran out J♠ Q♣ 5♣ 3♣ 6♠. This kept Warhurst safe and sent Mccully packing at the 3rd spot for a payday of VND 430,210,000 (~$18,180).

Chip Counts At Break Time

Name Chip Counts
Satanan Jungrungreangkit 3,300,000
Joshua Mccully 1,300,000
Julian Warhurst 900,000

Time For A Break

Level 16, 15K/30K, big blind ante 30K

The last three players are now on a 15-minute break. As per the latest update, player can go on with the game at least till the end of Level 18.

Nguyen Trung Quan Leaves In 4th Place

Nguyen Trung Quan Leaves In 4th Place

Nguyen Trung Quan

At Level 16, when blinds were at 15K/30K, big blind ante 30K Satanan Jungrungreangkit opened with 65,000 chips and Nguyen Trung Quan called from the small blind position. T♠ 7♣ A♥  came as the flop and Jungrungreangkit fired 65,000 and Quan matched to see the turn of A♠. Both players checked and saw the river of 7♥. Quan bet 175,000 only for his rival to raise it to 400,000. Quan shoved all in for his tournament life. Quan had 7♠ 5♠ while Jungrungreangkit A♦ 2♦. Both players had full boats but Jungrungreangkit had the better boat to survive ahead. Quan was out in fourth for VND 286,810,000 (~$12,120).

Chip Counts

Level 16, blinds 15K/30K, big blind ante 30K

Take a look at the top four chip counts. Australian player Joshua Mccully is leading in chip counts. Will he keep his lead or stumble ahead? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

Name Chip Count
Joshua Mccully 1,500,000
Nguyen Trung Quan 1,400,000
Satanan Jungrungreangkit 1,350,000
Julian Warhurst 1,100,000

Play To Be Extended?

Level 16, blinds 15K/30K, big blind ante 30K

The action for the day was scheduled to conclude at Level 16 but with only four players remaining in the game, the could be extended till a winner is crowned. If the game is not extended today, the SHR will resume tomorrow from 12:15 PM local time. Th four remaining players requested that for the tournament to run for as long as possible today. The tournament directors are looking into the request made by the players.

Pham Duy Anh Is The APT SHR Bubble Boy

Pham Duy Anh bubbled the APT Da Nang July 2023 Super High roller.

Pham Duy Anh

Level 15: Blinds 10K/25K, big blind ante 25K

Pham Duy Anh bubbled the APT Da Nang July 2023 Super High roller. Duy Anh opened with 95,000 pre-flop and his rival Joshua Mccully matched. The flop brought 8♠ 5♦ J♠. Duy Anh then open-shoved for 200,000. Mccully did not even blink and called. Duy Anh played with T♦ T♥ and Mccully had A♥ A♣

Pocket Rockets were the perfect trap laid by Mccully for Duy Anh and the latter walked right into it. The turn and river ran out 2♥ 9♦ which gave Duy Anh no help and he became the bubble boy.

Bubble Time Is Here

Level 15, blinds 10K/25K, big blind ante 25K
With just five players in the game and four places being paid, it remains to be seen who becomes the unfortunate bubble boy of the APT Da Nang SHR 2023. 

Yuhang Chen Wraps Up In 6th Place

Yuhang Chen Wraps Up In 6th Place

Yuhang Chen

Level 15, blinds 10K/25K, big blind ante

Yuhang Chen was short-stacked when he shoved 220,000 chips into the pot. He found a caller Pham Duy Anh who only had 250,000 chips behind him. Joshua Mccully also shoved all in for 640,000. Action came back to Duy Anh, who used three time-extensions and folded eventually. Mccully and Chen were heads up. Chen played with A♦ 2♦ and Mccully had A♣ K♦. The board revealed 6♦ J♣ 3♣ A♠ A♥. Mccully King kicker kicked in and saved the day for him. Chen was out in 6th place.

Ngo Linh Duong Was Seen Biting The Dust

Level 14: Blinds 10K/20K big blind ante 20K

Ngo Linh Duong was eliminated from the APT SHR final table. Nguyen Trung Quan knocked out his opponent with the help of a Big Slick. Quan opened the action with 50,000. Duong shoved for around 400,000 and Quan called. Duong had A♣ Q♣ while Quan played A♥ K♥. The community cards fell as J♥ 4♦ 6♦ 2♥ 5♦. Quan prevailed and Duong was biting dust at the seventh place.

Time For A Break

Level 13, blinds 8K/16K, big blind ante 18K

Seven players remain in the APT Da Nang Super High Roller. The players are now on a 15-minute break.

Time To Know The Payouts 

APT July 2023 SHR

APT July 2023 SHR Trophy

The much awaited APT SHR payouts are here. The top prize is a lucrative sum of VND  1,003,840,000 ($42,430).

Pos. Prize (VND) Prize (~USD)
1 1,003,840,000 42,430
2 669,220,000 28,280
3 430,210,000 18,180
4 286,810,000 12,120

Yuhan Liu’s Aces Cracked 

Yuhan Liu

Yuhan Liu

On Level 13, blinds 8K/16K, big blind ante 18K, Yuhan Liu’s Pocket Rockets were rendered useless when he locked horns with Julian Warhurst. 

Liu got all his chip in the middle pre-flop and his opponent was in no mood to back out. Liu had a monster hand of A♣ A♦ while Warhurst had J♦ J♣ to play with. The flop brought 5♠ J♠ 2♦. This kept Warhurst ahead with his set.

Liu must have prayed hard for one of the aces to show up next on turn, but that never happened. 8♠ and 7♣ came on turn and river respectively, and with that it was game over for Liu in the eighth spot.

Chip Counts at Level 13

Take a look at chip counts at Level 12, blinds 8K/16K, big blind ante 18K. Nguyen Trung Quan is leading in chip counts but will he ship the APT SHR? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.

Name Chip Count
Nguyen Trung Quan 1,350,000
Satanan Jungrungreangkit 1,170,000
Joshua Mccully 750,000
Yuhang Chen 610,000
Pham Duy Anh 500,000
Yuhan Liu 400,000
Julian Warhurst 375,000
Ngo Linh Duong 370,000

Pham Duy Anh Knocks One Out

Level 12, blinds 6K/12K, big blind ante 12K

The reporters missed the hand, but witnessed Remi Florent being eliminated in the 9th spot for no money to show for his efforts. Pham Duy Anh kicked his rival out of the game with the help of his 98. Florent A6 did him no good and it was time for him to wrap up his affair at APT SHR.

Alan Pham Bubbles The APT SHR

Alan Pham Bubbles The APT SHR

Alan Pham

On Level 12, when blinds were at 6K/12K, big blind ante 12K, Alan Pham shoved for 140,000. Satanan Jungrungreangki called. Pham was playing with Dimes and Jungrungreangki had K♣ Q♣. The board ran out as J♦ Q♦ 6♦ 6♠ Q♠. Jungrungreangki had a full boat and for his rival it was game over. With this Pham turned into the bubble boy of the APT SHR event. Now final table is set and we are going to witness some fireworks.

Jungrungreangki Inching Towards The Million Mark

Satanan Jungrungreangkit (1)

Satanan Jungrungreangkit

On Level 11, blinds at 5K/10K, big blind ante 10K

Joshua Mccully opened with 21,000 and found a caller in Pham Duy Anh. Satanan Jungrungreangkit then pushed out 60,000 which then forced Mccully to fold. On the other hand, Duy Anh matched the bet to see a flop. The dealer had fanned out T♠ 4♣ 3♥ and Jungrungreangkit once again bet 60,000 which resulted in Duy Anh folding real quick.

APT Super High Roller Records 22 Entries

Level 11, blinds 5K/10K, big blind ante 10K

The much-awaited APT Super High Roller recorded 22 total entries. This tournament will pay the top four places. The winner of the APT Super High Roller will turn into a billionaire. The top prize is VND 1,003,840,000 and a shiny new APT trophy.

Some Chip Counts From SHR

Take a look at some chip counts from the APt SHR event.

Name Chip Counts
Satanan Jungrungreangkit 950,000
Nguyen Trung Quan 800,000
Pham Duy Anh 600,000
Yuhan Liu 450,000
Yuhang Chen 400,000
Joshua Mccully 350,000

Registrations To End Soon

As Level 10 concluded, players are now on a 15-minute break. The registration will shut down at the start of Level 11. This is the last chance for grinder to participate in the APT Super High Roller event.

Yuhang Chen Conquers With Quads

Yuhang Chen Conquers With Quads

Yuhang Chen

On Level 8, when blinds were at 2K/5K, big blind ante 5K, Nguyen Trung Quan opened with 12,000. Chen put in a 3-bet of 33,000. The ball was in Quan’s court, and he threw his stack in the middle and Chen did not back out.

Quan had 9♣ 9♦ and Chen played with K♣ K♠. The board revealed 2♥ K♦ 3♥ K♥ 7♣ and Chen hit quads with his Cowboys to double up.

Pham Duy Anh Hits A Flush

At Level 6, blinds 1.5K/3K, big blind 3K, the reporters saw Pham Duy Anh had shoved all in for 214,000 on the river. The pot was around 160,000 and the dealer fanned out a board of 5♠ 3♠ 8♣ 4♥ Q♠. Quan Qiu slid his tournament life in the middle. Anh tabled A♠ 8♠ for a flush and his rival was terribly short-stacked again on his second bullet.

Winner Of Superstar Challenge Alan Pham Is Here

Alan Pham who had shipped Superstar Challenge in the previous APT edition in Hanoi, has joined APT Super High Roller tournament. Pham took home a career-best score of VND 1,985,390,000 and his maiden APT title. This player has over $250,000 in live tournament earnings, and Pham will look to win the top prize and the pewter lion trophy.

Players On A Break

Players are on a 15-minute break.

Straight Flush Leads An Exit

After some game play we saw Slade Fisher being knocked out when straight flush beat full house. At Level 4 when blinds were at 1K/2K, big blind ante 2K, Fisher had A5o and his rival Chung Chang had A2s. The board came as 5♠ 3♣ 5 3 4 . This gave Chang a straight flush which left the full house feeling useless. Fisher was out of the SHR.

Welcome to the live updates of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Da Nang July 2023. We at Gutshot Magazine will bring all the live updates from the Super High Roller (SHR) event for you. The tournament series is being hosted at the lavish Furama Resort, Da Nang. 

Cards are in the air, and players are all set to flex their muscles to clinch the top spot. The SHR comes with a buy-in of VND 120,000,000 ($5,160). The tournament started at 12:30 local time.

For more news and updates, keep reading Gutshot Magazine or follow us on our social media handles. We are present on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

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