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APL Da Nang: ME Sumit Sapra finishes 5th for VND 477 mn Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 19 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 19 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 19 Dec, 2019

APL Da Nang ME: Sumit Sapra finishes 5th for VND 477 mn

An intense day at Risemount Resort at De Nang, Vietnam hosting the 2019 Asia Poker League (APL). Arduous hours of grinding in the final table of the Main Event that resumed today at 1 pm local time. The viewers are glued onto their screens to watch the APL 2019 final champion and the winner’s prize money of VND 2 billion to be taken away!

The Main Event counted 525 players in its initial days and yesterday, Day 3 gave way to the final 9 players who took their seats to fight the ultimate battle. Indonesia’s Anton Widjaya led the final players towering an incredible stack of 3,545,000.


It didn’t take much longer for tables to turn and competitors to quit the tournament. The action on the final day began with the sole Indian representative Sumit Sapra (picture below) who went on to grab his first pot. However, the first casualty was Young Hwan Sun who initiated his day from 9th place only to rest in the same position for VND 197 million. Following his tail was Lee Jong Wook being railed out in 8th place at the hands of Nguyen Minh Tuan whose full house remained undefeated and Wook settled for VND 262 million. This wasn’t all by Tuan, after an hour he pushed away China’s Zhang Chi busting in 7th position.


After another elimination, it was now time for APL Ambassador Sapra to log off from his journey in the 5th place by Lin Jian (picture below). Sapra held pocket Tens against Jian’s Queen and Ten. The board ran 9h Ac 4s Qh 9c, and Jian flipped his higher pair ending the day for the Indian who added an incredible figure of VND 477 million (~INR 14.68 Lakhs).

While the tournament is still on the run, it is Jian who is accumulating maximum stack right now after starting off with 2,145,000 chips, giving a power-packed performance. Initially, China’s player was seen doubling up and claiming the first two pots to climb a ladder of 2.7 million chips and is now shooting up his stack to over 7 million.

Top 4 chip counts

  1. Liu Jian 7,940,000
  2. Anton Widjaya 3,990,000
  3. Nguyen Minh Tuan 2,850,000
  4. Tiger Lee Seok Young 895,000

The players in contention are representing four different nations, namely Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The final day action continues, so, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for the latest updates on APL and other tournaments around the world.

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Image Courtesy: SoMuchPoker


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