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Posted on 26 Jul, 2019
By Gutshot
On 26 Jul, 2019
By Gutshot
On 26 Jul, 2019

Anant Purohit has unforgettable day; ships SHR, Head-Hunter

We often talk about how players get a chance to become heroes in the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) that takes place twice a year on Spartan Poker. Last night will go down as one such example where an up and coming poker player went on to grab two titles on IOPC Day 12, after already claiming one the previous night itself.

That player is Anant Purohit and he shipped both the featured tournament of the day, Head-Hunter, as well as one of the highlights of the series, Super High Roller. While a couple of other winners were declared and Millionaire Day 1D also took place, the night was all about Anant Purohit. Take a look at our complete summary of IOPC Day 12…

IOPC Event #56 INR 2 Lakh GTD

The ongoing IOPC has been a smashing success so far on Spartan Poker and almost every tournament has sent the advertised guarantee for a toss. Here also, 490 entries each paying INR 550 was enough to create a fresh prize pool of INR 2.45 Lakh which was then shared among the top 39 finishers. The winner of this opening tournament turned out to be Arpan Majhi aka ‘Novus’ and the player was awarded INR 49,122 for the victory. In heads-up, he finally beat ‘Ravan143’ when the former’s pocket Fives beat A3 in the final hand; the runner-up had to settle for INR 32,658.

IOPC Event #57 INR 5 Lakh GTD

Here, the buy-in rose to INR 1,100 and 642 players joined the fun, taking the prize pool up to INR 6.42 Lakh, which was eventually shared by the top 55 players. Chirag Sodha aka ‘chilling’ isn’t new to winning in online poker and yesterday, he had a brilliant day and night too. He shipped this IOPC tournament and bagged INR 1,24,548 in prize money, while also finishing second in Adda52 Godfather later in the night for INR 3,03,750. On Spartan, he outlasted the field which included ‘AIT’ in heads-up. The final hand of the tournament saw AIT bluffing and shoving with K7 on the flop and Sodha made the call having hit a pair of Jacks. The Ah 8d Jc Ac 5c board gave Sodha the title and AIT pocketed INR 78,966 for finishing second.

IOPC Event #58 Head-Hunter INR 12 Lakh GTD

Here’s where we witnessed the beginning of an extraordinary run in online poker last night. Anant Purohit plays as ‘Pro’ on Spartan and he paid INR 5,500 to play in Head-Hunter, which is a Thursday feature bounty tournament. 397 entries including three bullets from Purohit himself meant the prize pool was driven up to nearly INR 16 Lakh and then shared among the top 39 places with a min-cash of INR 10,957. Purohit is a mid-stakes grinder who has won a number of times on Spartan in the past, including Hi-Fi from just the previous night on IOPC Day 11. Coming to the Head-Hunter, Purohit pocketed INR 3.69 Lakh including INR 3.18 Lakh from the tournament prize pool and a little over 50k from the bounty prize pool. ‘InfiNitty’ was the losing player in heads-up, bagging INR 2,11,680 for finishing second.

IOPC Event #59 Super High Roller INR 75 Lakh GTD

INR 1,10,000 is usually what most mid-stakes grinders play to win but here, this was the massive buy-in that each entry had to pay to just participate in the SHR. Never before has there been such a high buy-in on Spartan Poker or overall in online poker in India. Head-Hunter began at 8pm and this began at 9pm, with the competition being much more intense in the SHR since it had some of the best names in the country. 114 entries meant the guarantee was smashed and the INR 1.14 Crore prize pool was shared by the top 15 players only, each getting a min-cash of INR 205k. Players who busted before the big prizes were Kartik Ved (10th), Jayjit Ray (9th), Sumit Sapra (8th), and Neel Joshi (5th). Sriharsha D aka ‘GTOsucks’ (3rd) also bagged a major prize of INR 13.16 Lakh. However, it was Anant Purohit’s night and he could put no step wrong at all. A little over 2 hours after he won Head-Hunter, he scripted this SHR win at 5:50am this morning, taking away a whopping INR 29,12,700 for this win; he beat ‘hoodlincs’ in heads-up who won the INR 20,06,400 runner-up prize.

Purohit took to a social media group to share his excitement early today morning after this title double. He said, “A historic day for my poker journey. Crazy run shipping SHR for 29L from a satty of 3300 🙂 for a side dish, also shipped Headhunter for 3.69L. Thanks all for rail and support. Love you all guys <3 and very well played hoodlics and Sriharsha Doddapaneni and all other final tablists including Neel Joshi.”

IOPC Event #60 Hi-Fi INR 8 Lakh GTD

With all of the attention on the SHR, we didn’t expect there to be too much of interest in the final tournament of the day, but Hi-Fi is always packed with top pros. With a buy-in of INR 2,200, 528 entries brought the prize pool up to INR 10.56 Lakh and what began at 10pm last night ended at 5:02am this morning. While most working people wake up at this time, Nitin Arora aka ‘0HUMAN0’ would’ve gone to sleep a happy man as he shipped the tournament and ended INR 2,11,728 richer after beating ‘ajeebladki’ in heads-up; the latter won INR 1,40,764.

IOPC Millionaire INR 2 Crore GTD Day 1D

Yesterday was also the fourth starting flight of the record-breaking Millionaire which also serves as the Main Event of the IOPC series. A total of 303 entries each paid INR 11,000 and while the participation was the lowest from the four starting flights so far, there are three flights still to be played. The total field is now 1,481 entries which means INR 1.48 Crore already collected in prize money. From them, 45 survivors bagged chips to return on Day 2 and this takes the player count to 232 for Day 2 of Millionaire, with ‘Juju1’ taking the chip lead on Day 1D. Juju1 bagged 200,500 chips while ‘moZart’ ended close behind him with a stack of 176,690 chips.

For more updates from the ongoing India Online Poker Championship (IOPC), stay tuned to GutshotMagazine.com.

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