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Ali Imsirovic Admits To Multi Accounting; Slammed Brutally For Playing Victim Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 28 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Jun, 2023

Ali Imsirovic Admits To Multi Accounting; Slammed Brutally For Playing Victim

You must have heard how Ali Imsirovic confessed to multi-accounting in a video he shared on his YouTube channel. He reportedly admitted to multi accounting but when it came to other cheating instances, the alleged poker cheater has denied those allegations, whilst giving perfect explanations about how he couldn’t have cheated in those situations. 

But what is even more noteworthy are the reactions that video received. Imsirovic received tremendous backlash for sharing the video which did nothing to clear his name in the cheating cases. 

Many users on Twitter responded with comments which totally tear Imsirovic’s statements apart. Will Jaffe had one of the best responses to the Bosnian-American poker pro’s video. Jaffe slammed Imsirovic for playing victim in his latest video which was intended to set the record straight about the cheating allegations. 

Will Jaffe’s Video

Some responses on Imsirovic’s video are simply hilarious. One which stood out for us was the one where a Twitter user shared the numerous poker account nicknames Imsirovic has used while grinding. Another Twitter user replied to the nickname tweet which states how it was ‘objectively pretty great’ to use a username which basically states what Imsirovic did (MultiAccount nickname).

While many expected that Imsirovic would come clean, what actually happened was unexpected and many termed the video unremorseful. 

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When it came to the hand Imsirovic played against Michael Addamo, many believed that he knew what hole cards Paul Phua had who later folded, and the hand went Imsirovic’s way. 

The Zenica-born player who has $18,697,121 in total live earnings agreed that he did multi accounting only for a period of four-five months in 2020 and in 2022. Imsirovic denied allegations that he made use of real-time assistance (RTA) and running an online cheating ring.  

But did that get him any positive response from the poker industry? Doesn’t look like it. While Imsirovic hasn’t been around for the high rollers, another alleged poker cheater, Jake Scindler has been spotted grinding in the summer. 

Coming back to Imsirovic, what royally pissed off many in this whole incident is that the poker pro stated, “Paid off my dues.” 

Ali Imsirovic’s confession on multi accounting

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