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Poker Dictionary - Fish Hooks Poker

09 Jun, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Fish Hooks

Playing with a deck of 52 cards, trying to make the best hand with five cards, one is certain to come across countless combinations. In the world of poker, some of these combinations have been given names for easier understanding and communication. Simply put, it’s faster and simpler to...

Poker Dictionary - Hero Call Poker

31 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Hero Call

Poker is not just a game of skill, it also requires a good hold on one’s psyche. You have to read your rivals in the game in order to understand their game and also their bluff. You never know what hand the opponent holds, so you try to read the opponent and predict if he/she [&he...

Poker Dictionary - Ratholing Poker

26 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Ratholing

A poker game has two types—cash games and tournament games. Some strategies are best suited for tournament games but may not be very beneficial in cash games and vice versa. Today we shall discuss one such strategy which is specific to cash games – Ratholing. Applying this strateg...

Poker Dictionary - Full Boat Poker

24 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Full Boat

Having nicknames for starting hands in poker is a common phenomenon. Today we’ll look into a term that is used to define one of the strongest hands in Texas Hold’em. We shall discuss the term called Full Boat. What is a Full Boat? Full boat is slang for a full house in poker. Full...

Poker Dictionary - Ducks Poker

22 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Ducks

Have you come across a conversation between two experts in any field. You are listening to them and suddenly they use a word or a phrase that keeps you guessing what it means. It may be a technical jargon, or a phrase players who share common knowledge used on a table, or a phrase you [...

Poker Dictionary - Back-Raise Poker

20 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Back Raise

Like every game, poker too has its set of technical terms and strategies which are specific to the game. The more terms one is familiar with, the more strategic one can be at the game. The world of poker has so many terms, each having an interesting meaning and tale attached to it. Toda...

Poker Dictionary – Boss Poker

19 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Boss

Thanks to the widespread popularity of poker, there are so many poker terms available that it is difficult to keep a track of every single term out there. But it is not impossible, so we’re going to try and explore each one of them and hopefully a little bit of explanation with it. Whil...

Poker Dictionary - Alabama Night Riders Poker

18 May, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Alabama Night Riders

While the game of poker is enjoyed universally, some of the biggest poker activity is centered in the United States of America (USA). This is understandable given that the country is the birthplace of the biggest poker event in the world – World Series of Poker (WSOP). This means ...

Poker Dictionary – Card Sharp Poker

04 Apr, 2021 Poker Dictionary – Card Sharp

While playing poker if you’ve ever heard someone whisper the words ‘card sharp,’ and thought it was a compliment, you just might be wrong. The term itself while also used outside of the poker context, is not something you want to be called by your peers. Why? Well, because it is general...

Poker Dictionary – John Juanda Poker

30 Mar, 2021 Poker Dictionary – John Juanda

The poker community is full of well-known professional players and consists of some top-notch players in the world. In every sport there are certain players that stand out, poker too has many figures that have earned their spot in the game’s hall of fame. Today’s we’re going to learn ab...

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