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Posted on 27 Jun, 2019
By Gutshot Mag
On 27 Jun, 2019
By Gutshot Mag
On 27 Jun, 2019

WSOP 2019: Naresh Veeravalli on to Day 3 of Event #59

Some of the better-known names in Indian poker have been making deep runs at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the last couple of weeks, and now, another player has progressed to Day 3 of one of the big-field tournaments in Las Vegas. We’re talking about Event #59: $600 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack Championship where a few Indians were in contention on Day 2, all in the money.

However, all except one of them busted at some point during the day, including Rajeev Kanjani in 623rd place ($1,058), Sandeep Varma in 374th ($1,546), Aman Kejriwal in 352nd ($1,546), Guneet Kwatra in 258th ($1,971), Deepak Bothra in 214th ($2,254) and Paawan Bansal in 178th ($2,254). The only player to survive the day was Naresh Veeravalli.

Veeravalli began the day with 216,000 chips and now at the end of play today, he has managed to bag 1,160,000 chips, progressing among the final 83 players from the original field of 6,140 entries. Veeravalli will be looking to chip up early on Day 3 as he is below the average stack of 2.2 million chips at the moment.

He will receive a pay-out of a minimum of $3,549 for 83rd place when he resumes tomorrow but he will definitely have eyes on a bigger prize than that. Currently, USA’s Lang Lee has the chip lead with 6.07 million chips while countryman Will Givens is right behind with 6.02 million chips. Bracelet winners Dan Matsuzuki and Kathy Liebert are among some others in the field.

Day 2 top 10 chip counts:

  1. Lang Lee – 6,075,000
  2. Will Givens – 6,025,000
  3. Steffen Logen – 5,485,000
  4. Riccardo Trevisani – 5,475,000
  5. Giovani Torre – 5,455,000
  6. Carl Brewington – 5,130,000
  7. Dan Matsuzuki – 4,630,000
  8. Luke Martinelli – 4,380,000
  9. Andres Jeckeln – 4,370,000
  10. Gabor Molnar – 3,990,000

Remember, this is Veeravalli’s debut trip to the WSOP and making it to the top 83 of this tournament is an achievement in itself. To know more about what happens on Day 3 tomorrow, stay tuned to GutshotMagazine.com.

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