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Wednesday Roundup: Arsh Grover takes down G.O.A on PokerBaazi Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 19 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 19 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 19 Dec, 2019

Wednesday Roundup: Arsh Grover takes down G.O.A on PokerBaazi

Hitting the mid-week, the online felts continue to grow steamier with each day. By now, the poker enthusiasts know all about Wednesday fever assuring bundles of cash prizes. Spartan Poker hosting Destiny 12.0 that runs 10 weekly tournaments and all 10 winners take their seats in Destiny SnG Finale, eventually, only the top 3 places receive a travel package worth 10 Lakhs to Las Vegas! While on the other hand, PokerBaazi’s G.O.A provides all expenses for a trip to the heart of poker, Goa. With incredible opportunities as such, let’s have a look at Wednesday majors…

Destiny 12.0

Following the path of last week’s winner Amarjeet Singh, an anonymous but online regular ‘propernit’ triumphed Destiny 12.0 INR 30 Lakhs GTD on Spartan Poker last night. Over 8 hours into the competition, the promised amount was seen to be surpassed, generating a slightly higher prize pool of INR 30.95 Lakhs. The top places walked out after receiving a slice from the same. Eventually, the tournament ended with a heads-up deal between ‘propernit’ and the WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant aka ‘SuperuSer’. With ‘propernit’ carrying a larger stack of 5 million ultimately seized the first-place prize money along with a seat in SnG Destiny Finale!

  • Total Entries – 619
  • Prize Pool – INR 30,95,000
  • Places Paid – 50
  • Min-Cash – INR 15,475

Other notable players to finish in the money include Goonjan Mall aka ‘gmtesting’ (4th), Anish Patra aka ‘Illusionist’ (5th), Abhishek Gubba aka ‘messi010010’ (9th), Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘bazzingaa’ (10th), ‘gareeeeb’ (11th), Hitesh Batra aka ‘hitesh bhai’ (16th), Rajat Sharma aka ‘Garammasala’ (22nd), Siddarth Singhvi aka ‘PeterPunter’ (25th), Rajat Mahajan aka ‘BloatedBelly’ (44th), Lakshpal Singh aka ‘LuckyBhai$’ (47th) and so on.


Dominating a field of 341 entries, a well-known prominent player in the circuit Arsh Grover aka ‘Button_Hai_Bro’ took down G.O.A INR 20 Lakhs GTD on PokerBaazi yesterday night. Grover captured a spectacular winner’s prize of INR 3.8 Lakhs after defeating Siddharth Chaturvedi aka ‘siddchat’ in heads-up who bagged INR 2.7 Lakhs for the runner-up position.

  • Total Entries – 341
  • Prize Pool – INR 20,00,000
  • Places Paid – 45
  • Min-Cash – INR 11,000

The entire tournament registered a fairly decent field, each player chipped in INR 5,500 buy-in. The top 45 places finished in the money including Sanish Chhabra aka ‘Sanish21’ (4th), Gaurav Sood aka ‘gaug17’ (5th), Hitesh Batra aka ‘hiteshbhai’ (6th), Goonjan Mall aka ‘gmtesting’ (7th), Sahil Mahboobani aka ‘ImHighIshove’ (15th), Vaibhav Temani aka ‘vane_shado’ (18th), Vaibhav Sharma aka ‘WakhraSwagNi’ (19th), Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ (28th), Ragesh Mishra aka ‘ragesh91’ (37th) and so on.


Adda52’s flagship Wednesday event, Maverick INR 10 Lakhs GTD attracted a field of 420 players, with each one registering for a buy-in of INR 2,500. The standout performance was given by ‘prithvi221’ who shipped the entire tournament for INR 2.4 Lakhs after defeating Karan Radia aka ‘Reg_Slayer’ in heads-up. At the end of the competition, Radia walked out with INR 1.5 Lakh for resting in the runner-up position.

  • Total Entries – 420
  • Prize Pool – INR 10,00,000
  • Places Paid – 43
  • Min-Cash – INR 5,500

Ram Kakkar aka ‘mowgumotu’ (3rd), Siddarth Singhvi aka ‘badtameez_donk’ (5th), Moola Udaya aka ‘udaymoola’ (20th), Chandan Arora aka ‘darkfish15’ (34th), Rajat Sharma aka ‘Oshoswami’ (37th), Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’ (40th), Bharat Vasan aka ‘rungooserun’ (43rd) were among few notables to receive a paycheck.

Night on Stars

The headlining tournament last night on PokerStars was Night on Stars INR 5 Lakhs GTD. For a buy-in of INR 2,200, a total number of 269 players took their seats and eventually only a bunch of top 44 places earned. However, the first-place prize money of INR 95,805 belonged to Gaurav Mittal aka ‘F1SH@SH4RK’. The competition ended with a heads-up deal between Mittal and ‘50nA’ and the former’s larger stack made him the official winner while the latter settled for INR 82,901.

  • Total Entries – 269
  • Prize Pool – INR 5,38,000
  • Places Paid – 44
  • Min-Cash – INR 4,061

The top places receiving a share from the prize pool include Anirban Das ka ‘nocluewho’ (3rd), Chandan Arora aka ‘RunBarryRun’ (5th), Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ (8th), Bharath Kumar aka ‘hzgod’ (12th), Sandeep Varma aka ‘effuno007’ (15th), Pranjal Gandhi aka ‘lilmessipranjal’ (21st), Rajat Sharma aka ‘sharabikebabi’ (31st), Hitesh Batra aka ‘hiteshbhai999’ (35th), Honey Bijlani aka ‘h09ey’ (40th) and so on.

Stackup Turbo

9stacks hosted Stackup Turbo INR 1 Lakh GTD last night at 7:59 pm. For a buy-in of INR 1,100, a total of 117 players joined the tournament with only 12 places receiving a share from the prize pool. An anonymous player and circuit reg ‘Once’ emerged triumphant after beating Murali B aka ‘Antrose’ in heads-up for INR 28,000. The runner-up managed to obtain INR 20,000.

  • Total Entries – 117
  • Prize Pool – INR 1,00,000
  • Places Paid – 12
  • Min-Cash – INR 1,625

Anuj Yadav aka ‘brocLesnar95’ (5th), Shashank Shekhar aka ‘biharibhaia’ (9th) were among few other notable players to cash. 

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