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Tag: Saturday Social

Gaurav Sood Saturday Special Saturday Social

28 Apr, 2019 Gaurav Sood knows no limits; ships Saturday Social now

Ever heard people saying everything you touch turns to gold? Well, that 100% applies to Gurgaon’s Gaurav Sood at the moment, who isn’t literally turning things to gold. However, he’s playing poker and he’s playing it well. He’s turning every buy-in into a v...

Faiz Alam Saturday Social

31 Mar, 2019 Faiz Alam wins Spartan Saturday Social

Saturday Social INR 8 Lakhs GTD, Spartan Poker’s replacement for the previous feature tournament of the day, DareDevil, has attracted a good turnout so far. It was inaugurated early last month and the first winner of this was Chirag Sodha who won it for ~INR 1.68 Lakhs. Last night’s Sat...

Chirag Sodha Saturday Social

10 Mar, 2019 Chirag Sodha wins Spartan’s inaugural Saturday Social

Spartan Poker is one of the leading brands in the online poker industry in India and it regularly comes up with many exciting offerings on its platform. One of its newest ones inaugurated last Saturday is the Saturday Social INR 8 Lakhs GTD. This tournament has now replaced Saturday’s p...

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