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Tag: IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

Vivek Singh Ships IPC 15K Mystery Bounty Event IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

23 May, 2022 Vivek Singh Ships IPC 15K Mystery Bounty Event

India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 has found its 15K Mystery Bounty winner in Vivek Singh. The event was filled with enthusiastic players who wanted to try their hand at winning the most bounties and the top prize. There were a total of 105 entries in the event. The fina...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

23 May, 2022 Avijit Knocked Out By Vivek In 3rd

With the FT reaching its crescendo, it was Avijit Jaiswal that bubbled the heads up and busted in the 3rd position. Currently, on a busting spree, Vivek Singh took out his next victim at Level 24. Avijit Jaiswal bet 215,000 preflop with K 7 and Singh called the raise with K Q. The flop ...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

23 May, 2022 Barve Little Slicks His Way Home

Preflop Harshad Barve shoved with 180,000 holding A Q and Yuvraj Singh called the all-in. The board opened to K 3 Q 6 6 and although Barve was in the lead preflop, it was Singh who won with two pairs (KK, 66) on the baord. Barve busted in 7th place for ₹41,000 as his Little […]

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Gagandeep Shown The Door

The bust-outs continue and in 11th place is Gagandeep Malik who got the boot by doctor turned poker player Yuvraj Singh. The preflop action saw Singh bet 36,000 with A T and Malik jammed with Ladies and Singh called. The board opened with A 3 4 6 K. Both the players got a pair but [&hel...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Vivek Busts Rishab In 13th

At Level 19, we’ve got another bust out in the money and this time it was Rishab Malik that exited the tournament in 13th place. Vivek Singh with Pocket Rockets bet 24,000 preflop which was called by Malik who pushed his 160,000 into the pot with T T. Singh called and the board op...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Rishab Takes Out Sandeep

We are approaching the money bubble for the 15K Mystery Bounty and out in 16th position is Sandeep Sharma. At Level 17, Sharma shoved 46,000 (5BB) into the pot with A J. Rishab Malik called the shove with Q J. The board ran out Q 4 T 2 T and although Sharma was leading preflop, […]

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Kumar Goes Home

At Level 16, Anil Kumar with K T bet 14,000 and Gagandeep Malik who had pocket jacks raised 50,000 and Kumar goes all-in. The community cards are 8 9 8 6 9. Malik’s Hooks grabbed the pot for him as he hit two pairs (JJ, 99). Kumar exited the tournament after his cards held no [&he...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Rajasekhar Suffers A Knock Out

Gagandeep Malik bet 21,000 on Level 15 with Pocket Rockets. Rajasekhar Puttamsetty who had 112,500 (22BBs) shoved his entire stack holding Jack-nine suited (J 9). This resulted in the hand going to showdown with 5 K J K 9 appearing on the board. Both players got two pairs, but unfortuna...

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Kunal Out On A High

As the 15K Mystery Bounty event progresses, Kunal Patni is the latest victim after he was knocked out by Faiz Alam at Level 13 on Table 6. Patni went all-in preflop with 41,000 holding K 9 and Alam called his shove with A Q. The board ran out 7 5 T J 2. As Alam […]

IPC 25K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Quads For Karwa, Loss For Patel

The grind doesn’t stop for Vivek Karwa at the 15K Mystery Bounty tournament as he chipped up from Nimit Patel. The preflop action on Table 11 at Level 12, saw both players go all-in. Karwa had 43,500 in the pot with pocket sevens while Patel shoved with A Q. The board flowed and 3...

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