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Electronics Arts to release Battlefield for mobile and tablet in 2022 Games

28 Apr, 2021 Electronics Arts To Release Battlefield For Mobile And Tablet In 2022

Once upon a time PUBG ruled the gaming industry but later on it got banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act due to the fact that the game engaged in activities that were prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defense and security of the country. Post ban of the gam...

Top 5 Games To Hit The Market In February 2021 Games

27 Jan, 2021 Top 5 Games To Hit The Market In February 2021

The year 2021 started with much fanfare, especially for Indian gamers as Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) released on Republic Day. There is an intense buzz with respect to the line up of games waiting to be released next month. Here are five games that will be releasing in th...

How To Plan A Poker Game For The New Year Games

28 Dec, 2020 How To Plan A Poker Game For The New Year

Say goodbye to this roller coaster year with a party to wash all those bad vibes and stress away. Get a perfect start to your new year by hosting a poker party for you and your pals. If you don’t have any experience in hosting a poker game, don’t worry. We are here to help [...

TOP 5 Board Games For Family Game Night Games

20 Dec, 2020 TOP 5 Board Games For Family Game Night

Even though you’re stuck in the house, that does not mean you can’t enjoy the holiday season. Gather your family around or video call your friends because here are some classic board games to keep you from getting the December blues. If you’re living alone, check out o...


05 Mar, 2018 Games That Can Serve as Inspiration for Your Poker Game!

Poker is a fun game but requires a lot of mental activity. Extensive exposure to the same game over and over again can lead to the development of tunnel vision. You might start thinking in a one track manner. Creativity ceases to exist. And this is very dangerous for any Poker Player. C...

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