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Online Gambling In India - What does the future hold? Betting

30 May, 2021 Online Gambling In India – What does the future hold?

Even though the online gambling industry is in the nascent stage in India, it has shown steady growth in the country. According to a report by Business World, the youth accounts for about 75% of the Indian population, thus making it a potential market for the online gambling world. Acco...


12 Dec, 2020 Supreme Court: GST On Lottery, Betting and Gambling Is NOT Against Constitution

The Supreme Court on Thursday (10 December) ruled that the charge of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on lotteries, betting and gambling would be maintained, stating that doing so did not violate any constitutional requirement. The ruling bench was headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justices M...

Anurag Thakur Bets On Betting Betting

24 Nov, 2020 Former BCCI President Anurag Thakur Supports Legal Betting

Legalization of betting and gambling in India have always garnered a lot of mixed opinions. The laws on their legality are left to the state government and not all states in the country have made them legal. Due to this many states have rampant illegal betting leading to match fixing wh...

Betting Apps and Sites to be Banned: AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Betting

29 Oct, 2020 Betting Apps and Sites to be Banned: AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy

Many online gaming and betting sites might be banned in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Chief Minister of the state, Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy has written a letter to Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, Information Technology and Law & Justice, reque...

Betting on Mobile Betting

14 Oct, 2018 Betting on Mobile – Advantages and Disadvantages

For an initial couple of long stretches of the poker blast, versatile players were restricted to only two or three locales. The same was valid for those needing to play club games on their cell phones. Fortunately, the prominence of portable gaming detonated to the point where destinati...

Is Internet betting a blessing for Atlantic City? Betting

08 Sep, 2018 Is Internet betting a blessing for Atlantic City?

The people who write cheques that help keep Atlantic City’s club afloat say Internet betting can help resuscitate the market’s hailing fortunes. Talking at The East Coast Gaming Congress Wednesday, a board of Wall Street investigators said the venture network sees Internet b...

Betting in the UK affected by Brexit Betting

07 Sep, 2018 Betting In The UK Affected By Brexit

With Brexit completely in progress, the fate of wagering in the UK is being referred to. Brexit causes significant worry for Gibraltar, a British region off the bank of Spain and a noteworthy hub for internet gaming, with organizations like 888 Holdings and Bet Victor in light of the is...

Online Betting in the US & its Implications Betting

02 Sep, 2018 Online Betting in the US & its Implications

May of 2018 saw the decision for Sports betting in the territory of New Jersey, which could have to facilitate future ramifications for web-based betting in the US. It isn’t rejected that such a choice may rouse the US Congress to consider facilitate enactment to manage sports bet...


19 Aug, 2018 Betting tips that actually work

Betting winning is never ensured. By following a portion of these betting tips you CAN ensure to keep your hazard insignificant and enhance your odds of winning. Compelling cash administration: Don’t go sit at a table with all your cash put resources into one game. The best system...

How much Betting is too much Betting? Betting

04 Aug, 2018 How much Betting is too much Betting?

A lot of anything is terrible. Drinking excessively, overeating, thinking overly, being overly sure, being too decent – anything, great or awful! There is dependably a vital farthest point for anything. The same is valid for betting. An excess of betting is horrible. In any case, what a...

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